Nestle UK and MyKindaFuture Work Experience Programme Award 2017

Nestle UK and MyKindaFuture Work Experience Programme Award 2017

Wednesday, 3rd of May

Nestlé UK and MyKindaFuture Work Experience Programme Award 2017

We are very excited to announce our collaboration with Nestlé UK has been shortlisted for the Work Experience Programme Award 2017!

In 2013, Nestlé UK and Ireland announced it would create 1,900 employment opportunities for young people by 2016, including 300 paid work experience placements.

The programme is part of Nestlé’s European Youth Employment Initiative: to help 20,000 people across Europe under the age of 30 find employment, offering 10,000 jobs and creating 10,000 apprentice positions and traineeships by 2016.

The rationale for the programme was two-fold: to proactively address the looming skills gap faced by the business and industry overall; to raise awareness of the breadth of career pathways available within both the food and drink industry, and within science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), by directly connecting young people with work experience opportunities.

Nestlé engaged in a three-year partnership across the UK and Ireland with MyKindaFuture, a social business that aims to connect young people with the world of work through a combination of face-to-face workshops in schools and online engagement.

The objectives of the partnership and attraction campaigns were to provide young people with meaningful work experience, engage them in schools and reach them online, to deliver the skills and employability training needed by the food and drink industry.The objectives also included promoting greater understanding of routes into the industry and dispelling myths associated with careers in food and drink. Additionally, the programme aimed to engage Nestlé employees to provide real-life inspiration about careers within the business whilst promoting the Nestlé Academy to young people.

The Nestlé and MyKindaFuture partnership – now in its fourth year – focused on engaging a diverse talent pool of students through an intensive programme of activity with multiple touch points to enable the work experience programme to be promoted. This activity included school workshops and assessment days across Nestlé sites, offices and factories.

The school workshops aimed to introduce young people to the Nestlé business and were truly interactive throughout. The theme focused on key issues relevant to a global business, such as sustainability. Tasks and a quiz focused on zero waste and guided them towards a ‘Zero to Hero’ challenge, which enabled students to use a variety of skills such as teamwork, presentation and communication to create an environmentally friendly business, whose sole purpose was to turn factory waste into a marketable product. Throughout this process, they were given insights into the company and its breadth of work to demonstrate the eclectic range of careers available at Nestlé.

The workshops were followed by an assessment day for select groups of students who performed particularly well at the school workshops. They were able to visit one of the Nestlé offices in the UK and interact face-to-face with employees. On the day, the students completed a challenge related to coffee marketing and took part in a team-building exercise focused on problem-solving in a collaborative situation. The students also participated in an interview skills workshop, which culminated in an interview with a Nestlé assessor. The interview, in addition to the students’ performance and conduct throughout the session, was used to decide who would be offered the work experience placements.

Although not all the young people who took part in the school workshops and assessment days were successful in securing work experience placements, they were still able to benefit from invaluable employability training at these sessions and the opportunity to understand their own strengths and the skills required to succeed in business. The experience also enabled them to understand the breadth of opportunities available within the food and drink industry and network with Nestlé employees and other young people from different schools. Both of these activities allowed the Nestlé Academy team to identify a pipeline of high-performing future talent for the business.

The work experience programme itself provided young people with 1-2 weeks paid experience within the Nestlé business. The programme was a fantastic opportunity for young people who had no prior experience of large organisations or even the working world in general, to receive an insight into the different roles and responsibilities one organisation can offer. Each young person was assigned to a different function within Nestlé – including Corporate Affairs, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain and Sales – and a dedicated Nestlé employee oversaw their time within the organisation. The work experience enabled the young people to develop key skills such as time management, networking, presentation, communication and stakeholder management, which will hopefully prove invaluable to them in the future as they look to embark on further work experience or apply for jobs.

This programme has been fully supported from day one of launch from the very top of the organisation by Dame Fiona Kendrick DBE, Chairman and CEO of Nestlé UK, who is a passionate advocate for young people receiving the skills and employment opportunities they need to succeed in life. Senior leaders from the various divisions across Nestlé committed to supporting the programme through identifying areas where work experience students could add value and offering them dedicated placements and resource within their teams. Existing graduates and apprentices within Nestlé were extremely active in attending the assessment days and inspiring young people about their own career paths in a way that the young people could relate to.

The Nestlé Academy and HR team were completely committed to creating an experience on the assessment days which ensured young people were truly acquiring additional skills to help them with their future careers and that were also needed within the organisation. All of the teachers and careers advisors who attended the day were given dedicated time with the Nestlé HR team. As such they left fully understanding the different options available to their students and timings for applications for other entry-level programmes, to help guide their own careers advice back in the classroom.

The MyKindaFuture team created interactive days that would hold the attention of the young people, create excitement and appetite for the work experience opportunities, and crucially inspire them about careers at Nestlé and within the food and drink industry. Quantitative and qualitative evidence of achieving original strategy objectives and transferable learning by the student participant.

Of those that took part in work experience that were eligible to apply this year, 55% went on to apply for the apprenticeship. Of those that applied 40% were hired. Through this programme, Nestlé was able to support 4,557 students face-to-face via workshops, assessment days and work experience, surpassing the target of 4,000 by nearly 14%.

This programme also reached 35% more schools than targeted, and surpassed the aim of providing 75 students with valuable work experience. This engagement resulted in 95% of students having a better understanding of the Nestlé Academy and the opportunities on offer.

110 Nestlé employees directly engaged with student participants over the three-year programme, providing a learning opportunity for both employees and young people. Following their participation in the work experience programme, 100% of students felt more confident about their future career prospects; 96% felt their experience with Nestlé helped them feel better prepared for the world of work, and 70% of participating students would now consider a career in STEM.

Overall, Nestlé has created more than 2,000 employment opportunities for young people.


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