Nick Hewer Winners Day

Nick Hewer Winners Day

Tuesday, 28th of January

Nick Hewer Winners Day

The Apprentice’s very own Nick Hewer ran a challenge with MyKindaCrowd to tell him about ‘your most enterprising moment’. The result was amazing. Lots and lots of young people with fantastic ideas and plans to start up their own business’s.

From the many submissions we received, we shortlisted 10 winners and picked 3 of them to join us in a MKC workshop and Q&A session with the main man himself…

The winner’s day took place on the 17th January, and what a day it was! We heard stories of how Nick Hewer made it to the top, hid in office cupboards, walked the roofs of Leicester Square, and explained what he thinks it takes to run a successful business - focus.

Alongside questioning Nick on his own business career, Nick also took the time to ask our winners what their business plans were. Giving valuable, personalised feedback to each one of our winners – every one of them came away more inspired than ever to make their ideas a reality.

So who were these amazing people you ask? What were there winning ideas?

First up we have the confident, outgoing and dedicated Daryl Chambers who has an eye for sport and building communities. This guy is determined to make a difference and support people who want to better their life through sport.

Business Idea: InPower is a fitness service provider but with an emphasis on Martial Arts training and teachings. 

Where he sees himself in the future: Currently InPower deals with clients on a personal basis, but In the future InPower aims to be in community clubs teaching principles to a range of people male and female and of all ages. Daryl would also love to take the programme to schools.

Contact him:
Twitter -
Facebook -
Website (will be live from Friday 31st Jan) -
Email -


Next we have creative, inspiring, and dynamic Lucy and business partner Chu who have BIG plans for the future of the multi-media fashion industry. These women are modern in their approach to the latest trends and want to bring clothes to a website and online platform near you, through filming catwalks and fashion shows!

Business idea concept: A film production company, which creates content for fashion companies that want a larger social media and online presence. We hope to target fashion companies and freelance workers creating adverts, interviews, behind the scene videos for them to use to promote themselves online.

Contact them:


And last but certainly not least we have one of the most successful young entrepreneurs that MyKindaCrowd has come across. Holly Vickery is a smart, innovative and pro-active student that is about to take the farm world by storm.

Business idea: Holly’s specialism is in rare breed chickens that lay coloured eggs. She provides fresh eggs for sale as well as breeding and selling young stock and fertile eggs. The main breeds she currently keeps are Cream Legbars that lay beautiful blue eggs, cuckoo marans whom lay a dark chocolate brown egg, and Welsummers that lay a speckled, terracotta red egg. Her latest venture is rare breed geese, Pilgrims and West of Englands both are registered with the rare breed survival trust, and she plans to hatch and rear goslings from these this spring.

Where she sees the business in the future: Hollys dream is to run a rare breeds farm open to the public to educate and raise awareness in the distant future! But she is currently studying A levels with the view to progress to a degree in Wildlife or Conservation ecology at University.

Check it out:
Twitter - @Hollyshappyhens
Email address -
Facebook -

So there you have it. Watch this space people!

Big things are heading your way and we can’t wait!



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