November Event of the Month: Leeds Bright Futures' 'Understanding Journalism'

November Event of the Month: Leeds Bright Futures' 'Understanding Journalism'

Friday, 30th of November


Each and every month we decide a Bright Futures Committee feature. And November's Event of the Month has been swiped by Leeds Bright Futures and their 'Understanding Journalism' event. 

And, because we were so impressed, of course we caught up with the committee to hear all about. Let's go...

What was the event?

The “Understanding Journalism” event was presented as a panel, bringing together a diverse group of journalists, who report on a number of topics, from Sports to Science. Our aim was to get a wide range of journalists who utilise different forms of media in their work, so that students would understand the vast range of work opportunities within the umbrella of “Journalism”. By having such a range of panellists, we hoped that this would ensure that any questions students had on the subject could be answered by someone, and that the discussion, chaired by Hana (Corporate Liaison of Bright Futures Leeds) would be in depth on the subject and interesting with differing opinions and advice being offered by each panellist. Questions asked by the chair were purposefully broad and offered a lot of expansion for each speaker to provide a comprehensive response, and could be followed up by further questions to explore areas that the chair believed useful to the audience, and there was time reserved for the audience to ask questions at the end, and all the speakers were given an equal amount of time to present their opinions and share their experiences.

Where and when did this take place?

We held the event at the University of Leeds campus in a large lecture theatre on the 12th November 2018 6-8pm.

We began organising the event at the start of October, by approaching potential panellists via Linkedin and Email. Although we had to finance the event ourselves, we had a lot of support with booking the rooms by the Leeds University Union.

Who was part of it?

We had the pleasure of having five journalists to be on the panel: Amrit Gahir, a video journalist working at Leeds TV covering local news stories and previously worked at the Mail Online; Ross Heppenstall, a sports journalist for The Daily Express; Adam Robert Green, freelancer working mainly on technology, finance and science and has written for The Economist Intelligence Unit, FT, MIT Technology Review and more; Megan Slack, Editor at The Tab Leeds; Rich Jevons, who has 35 years’ experience working for a range of newspapers and magazines, and is currently an online journalist at The Reviews Hub.

A word from the President, Roberto Farrington:

"As part of my presidential promises, I stated that I would aim to run events targeting under-represented students interested in niche industries that don’t usually visit our campus. The journalism panel was no exception to this - it brought in a large number of students with very varied backgrounds. I would like to thank my two corporate liaisons, Hana and Nidhi, for being able to bring in such high-level speakers and for hosting the event on the day. Although it is now getting to the end of the year, we are already starting to organise events for the coming semester to improve Bright Futures Leeds to make it even bigger and better!" 

How did they pull it off? What is their advice to our other Bright Futures Societies?

"Our dedicated team took a couple of hours a day for the duration of about a month to contact journalists from all different fields and invite them to our panel. There were people dropping out, some who decided to join later, but don’t worry as it’s all going to come into place by the time the event rolls around. In terms of booking a venue there were no difficulties, just make sure to do it within the timeframes your university expects you to. It’s also a good idea to check out the venue beforehand to set up, buy some bottles of water for your speakers and make sure to have prepared your questions, because when that crowd shows up, you don’t want to be getting stage fright. Good luck!"

Team, well done! Nailed it. We are like gushing parents. 



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