Outstanding Committee Contribution: Bristol Bright Futures & Marsh Global Insurance

Outstanding Committee Contribution: Bristol Bright Futures & Marsh Global Insurance

Monday, 31st of December

You know the drill. We like to shout about our Committees' successes. Why? Because they're pretty damn great. And, as it's Christmas, we have pushed that fancy boat out even further and have introduced a special mention for December. *drum roll please* ...Bristol Bright Futures and Marsh Global Insurance. Event specifically of focus: Mingling over Mince Pies and Mulled Wine - so many 'm's, so much festivity, so much pride from our side of things. Let's find out more.

Why are we so impressed?

"Bristol deserve outstanding committee contribution for one main reason, they managed to organise, promote and host a fantastic event in December!  Whilst we normally steer away from December events the committee at Bristol rose to the occasion to and ran a successful, fantastic event for Marsh.  They worked hard collectively as a group to ensure the event was a success, and I can definitely say it was through their hard work that this event was the success it was! Well done team Bristol you are very deserving of outstanding committee contribution!" - Khadijah Pandor, Bright Futures Societies Manager

What was the event?

This was a networking event to give students the chance to talk to people that have gone through or are going through the graduate scheme at Marsh, a global insurance leader. Mince pies, coffee and mulled wine were provided and students were able to talk and ask questions in a comfortable environment - a nearby Boston Tea Party to campus!

Where and when?

This event took place in Boston Tea Party in Bristol on the 4th of December 2018 from 12:00-1:30pm.


We hosted Marsh for a networking session. We were lucky to have their fresh graduates working in different department as well as their recruiting leader to tell students more about their company. 15 students attended the session, with an even gender split and 6 different degree fields represented, from Finance, to Computer Science, to Social Sciences.


We had MyKindaFuture to help us book the venue and the Committee focused on promoting the event. We promoted the event in different stages, hoping to reach more students, utilising digital promotion channels and on-campus physical avenues that helped us generate interest. This was a challenge as there wasn't a lot of time to promote before the event took place, and Marsh doesn't have a huge campus presence at the moment so we were proud of what we were able to achieve. 

President's word:

"Although we didn’t have that many students attend, we’re glad that those who attended got to network more with the employers. It was a good idea to make it a drop-in session where students were free to come during their lunch break and have a quick chat with Marsh over warm food and drinks in a less formal setting." - Jason OungXj, President of Bristol Bright Futures 

Team, you're killing it! Very impressed. Happy New Year everyone -  we are very excited to see what is to come in 2019!



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