Personal resilience, work-life balance and transitioning to the workplace

Personal resilience, work-life balance and transitioning to the workplace

Tuesday, 5th of December

We all know that it’s important to look after our physical health. But even those of us who go to the gym and get our five-a-day can forget to look after our mental health – especially when things get busy at school or at work. 

By protecting and improving your mental health, you’re able to feel well, give it your all, and fulfil your potential. So, whether you’re studying hard or starting a new career, there is plenty you can do to support your mental health, such as spending time with others and developing strong relationships with others, taking some time out to rest and pursue your passions, giving something back through charity or volunteering for a cause, or hitting the gym and looking after your physical health. To hear some top tips for maintaining your work-life balance, read Anam’s story about how she’s pursuing her passions while growing professionally on our Commercial Banking graduate scheme.  

It’s important to remember that these tips don’t just apply to the workplace – they can be incredibly valuable tools as you move towards your winter exam period, when the stress of revision and long hours in the university library can easily accumulate and take their toll. Developing skills in resilience while still at university will be transferable directly into your future career.  

At Lloyds Banking Group, we actively work to support the mental health of our Graduates and customers. All graduates now have the opportunity to undertake a development day in Personal Vitality and Resilience, which will equip them with the skills needed to flourish in the workplace. Through our charity partnership with Mental Health UK, we are working to create a Mental Health and Money Advice Service that will support customers experiencing mental health and financial difficulties.   

To learn more about how our current Graduates manage their work-life balance, the Lloyds Banking Group-Mental Health UK partnership, and how you can discover a career with us, visit


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