Why you should use the Christmas break to plan for the New Year, by Accenture

Why you should use the Christmas break to plan for the New Year, by Accenture

Monday, 5th of December

Your semester probably started with still wishing you were on your summer holiday whilst you settle into the routine of being back on campus. It might have felt like you had barely finished week one and before you knew it the season of recruitment events and careers fairs were filling the calendar as you had employers showing you the array of options you have. The rest of your time has been spent absorbing course content, whilst also trying to balance work commitments and top of all that squeeze some sort of social life in. Now here you are, exams are coming and Christmas is on the horizon....where has the year gone?

With the festive break coming up, this is the perfect opportunity, if you haven’t already, to submit job applications before deadlines that are often in the new year. Time to dust off the pile of brochures that might be sitting in your room alongside the various pens, water bottles and confectionary collected at the employer events and begin to review the information you gathered.

A top tip is to start writing a list of what they offer versus what you’re looking for and see how it matches up.

If you’ve already applied, the break can be a good time to prepare your answers to motivation and competency based interview questions, practice online tests or read up what’s happening in the relevant industries to help you for the final recruitment stages.

While these activities are a necessary part of the university to work transition, it’s important that you take the time out to recharge. Whether this is spent hanging out in front of the fireplace indulging in Christmas pudding, seeing family and friends at home or taking in a movie at the local cinema. It is equally valuable to relax and this time can often help you make career decisions or understand the journey ahead.

Best of luck with the exams and enjoy your well-deserved break!


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