Post-16 options: A clearer choice ahead?

Post-16 options: A clearer choice ahead?

Thursday, 25th of August

Post-16 options: A clearer choice ahead?

At the beginning of summer, the then Minister of State for Skills, Nick Gibb announced a huge overhaul in the post-16 destinations landscape.

In an attempt to make technical routes into work as straight forward as traditional Higher Education routes, this decision will ultimately have a huge impact on the way choices are made by young people considering their futures. The aim of the changes is to simplify the routes into skilled employment, giving young adults clearer choices about their options as an alternative to the “20,000 courses provided by 160 different organisations” that the government currently estimates that there are.

This reform follows recommendations from an independent report, chaired by Gatsby Foundation Founder Lord Sainsbury. The new system, which is expected to be made available from 2019, would provide young adults with the choice of 15 routes, that will provide training via college (with a work placement included) or an apprenticeship. All routes will have standards in place that have been set by an employer-led body.

Combined with the forthcoming Apprenticeship Levy, which will incentivise large businesses to create more apprenticeships, and fund thousands of new apprentices, the Government hopes that these schemes will help provide three million apprentices by 2020.

The pressure to adapt is being felt in businesses. Here at MyKindaFuture we have seen an increase in clients such as Coca-Cola European Partners and Rolls-Royce investing more in apprenticeship programmes and outreach over the past year.

We worked with CCEP to recruit their latest round of talented apprentices

This continued focus on the reform and promotion of the Apprenticeship landscape means that schools too must adapt in order to prepare students for post-16 choices. But how can schools capitalise on these new opportunities, and help students make the correct career route decisions with limited budgets?

Ultimately, research has shown that employer engagement helps students explore the different careers available to them[1], which in turn will help provide them with a better understanding about the right paths for them.

With this in mind, the campaigns we have run in conjunction with schools and clients have provided some fantastic results. Students who took part in the ‘YourLife: Best School Trip!’ opportunities found that following the trips they were more likely to consider careers in science, technology and engineering using STEM based routes to employment.

It is without doubt that the increase in university fees and the introduction of the Apprenticeship levy will lead to more and more young people considering apprenticeships. We're inspiring students by connecting with the biggest brands and companies. All teachers have to do is get their students involved.

If you would like more information about the Apprenticeship Levy or our work, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Schools Relations Team at MyKindaFuture on 02076204463 or email

[1] “young adults surveyed who recalled four or more activities while at school were five times less likely to be NEET and earned, on average, 16% more than peers who recalled no such activities.” Source: Education and Employers: It’s who you meet: why employer contacts at school make a difference to the employment prospects of young adults.



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