Pre-Boarding Survey

Pre-Boarding Survey

Tuesday, 27th of October

Pre-Boarding Survey
Day 1 at a new job can be daunting… is there a way companies can help you get more prepared?
We would love you to answer our survey so we can create a pre-boarding offering that will match everything that would you want; we need you to tell us what our clients should be doing!
What is Pre-Boarding?
The time period between job offer and day 1. 
Normally new recruits would get access to a graduate Facebook page and contact with your line manager to get in touch, but more could be done with regards to pre-boarding. 
For most organisations, they need to realise how important pre-engagement of an employee is to future success.
Allie, who has just started her graduate role in marketing, told us about her own pre-boarding experience. 
“In terms of contact with my manager, I did feel supported prior to starting as we exchanged quite a few calls and emails. She explained to me what the company culture was like so I knew what to expect. However, in terms of what my role would consist of I knew fairly little so on day 1 I felt ery overwhelmed, I wish I had known how important excel would be in my job as I would have practised prior to starting. From speaking to my friends, most didn’t even have more than 1 email from their anager, so I think there is definitely room for improvement in this area of company engagement.”
The aim of the survey is to understand what you would want from a company you had just accepted an offer from, in the time between accepting an offer and your first day.                                                                           
The survey is made up of 20 questions and should take less than 20 minutes to complete. Remember to share your name and email to be entered into the prize drawer to win the £50 amazon voucher! 
This is your chance to talk to employers and influence how they support graduates before day 1 at work. We look forward to hearing from you!
Click Here to complete the survey & the chance to win a £50 amazon voucher!


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