Raleigh International Winners’ Day 2014 #Sustain2Gain

Raleigh International Winners’ Day 2014 #Sustain2Gain

Monday, 11th of August

Raleigh International Winners’ Day 2014 #Sustain2Gain

Following the success of the Raleigh International Sustain2Gain challenge four talented students were asked to visit the Raleigh Headquarters in Westminster, where they had the opportunity to present their ideas on how to inspire 17-24 year olds to volunteer on a life-changing Raleigh expedition.

The day was a huge success and the team at Raleigh were sooo impressed with the quality of work that they selected not one, but two challenge winners, Sophie Aminu-Edu and Michael Tennant! Both Sophie and Michael were offered the opportunity of one week work experience with the Raleigh marketing team to work on implementing some of their ideas! 

Here is what Sophie had to say about her work experience with Raleigh. 

"My week at Raleigh was really worthwhile! I really enjoyed working at their head office, it was nice getting to talk to some of the Raleigh members there about their roles and the kinds of work they do.

I worked with the marketing department on implementing my ideas from the challenge into a new fundraising page on their website where I came up with different ways to encourage young people to want to fundraise for their Raleigh expedition and to not see the cost as such a huge obstacle they can’t overcome. I also worked on designing a workshop to be delivered in schools, and creating a reassurance guide to address the key worries of potential volunteers.

I feel that I’ve really learned a lot about Raleigh and the way they function as a sustainable charity - and I’ve also learned more about myself as a person and realised that there’s a lot that I’m capable of doing that I didn’t think I could before."

Sophie Aminu-Edu - Challenge Winner  

Other entrants, Tamsin Page and Maymuna Abdisalam, did a fantastic job on the day and were offered to return to Raleigh International with the potential to become part of the Raleigh ambassador programme.

The quality of submissions received over the entire challenge was of such a high standard that all runners up were invited to Raleigh to present their ideas and marketing plans to the Raleigh team.

Leonie Martin, Marketing and Engagement Manager - Raleigh International

"We were extremely impressed by the quality of all the applicants for the Sustain2Gain challenge. We found it hard enough shortlisting the candidates for the winner's day itself but choosing an overall winner was even tougher! (Which is why we ended up with two). At Raleigh International, young people are at the heard of everything we do. This challenge was a fantastic opportunity to hear directly from them about how they would engage more young people in our work."

Congratulations to all entrants!




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