Retail Banking & Wealth Management Graduate Program

Retail Banking & Wealth Management Graduate Program

Monday, 29th of January

The RBWM graduate program welcomes people from a variety of degree backgrounds. The whole program consists of graduates who’ve chosen to take a different path to the subject they studied at University. By doing this, they bring with them diversity of thought, experiences, knowledge and are able to utilize their degree to achieve success and develop a career path. Within RBWM we have a vast array of business areas from Digital, Analytical, Product Propositions, Branch Network, and cross brand exposure to M&S, First Direct, John Lewis and our UK Contact Centers.  The RBWM Graduate program provides people with the platform to undertake roles in a safe environment, helping them to build on their strengths and supporting them to develop on areas which are out of their comfort zones.

Below are a few testimonials from current Retail Banking Wealth Management Graduates who have degrees from a variety of subjects.  

Name: Lucy Jeffrey

Degree: Biology

Current role: Savings Product Manager

“For the most, the skills I brought from my degree to my career were technically nothing to do with the actual content of my course. During the course of university I gained a lot of confidence and people skills which have been invaluable to me since. But of course I gained a good base on how to be organised and manage my own time which is something that is good to be a natural at, I did a science degree so the intense nature of the course ensured I honed these skills.”  Lucy also successfully completed our RBWM Internship.

Name: Laura Jones

Degree: History

Current role: People Experience Manager

"I studied history and I was nervous when starting a career in banking as to whether this would be a disadvantage in comparison to other subjects. For me having the ability to interpret different situations and consider other people’s views has been crucial especially working in a people environment. Throughout my degree I was required to do presentations and group work which has been really important, especially in my current role. Now coming to the end of my first placement I realise the variety of skills I picked up from university, irrelevant of my degree and how this made me grow in confidence.” Laura also successfully completed our RBWM Internship.

Name: Naz Kausar

Degree: Sociology & Psychology

Current role: Learning and Talent Development Risk Manager

“When you’ve studied a generic degree like I did, it proves quite difficult when you’re actually looking for job opportunities, unless you specialize in a specific area. I knew I didn’t want to continue studying and instead wanted to focus on establishing a career for myself. I stumbled across an advertisement for a role within the branch network and then moved to a head office role. I had finally found something which I was good at and enjoyed. I decided to join the RBWM graduated program as I had learned through my time within HSBC that success on the RBWM Graduate program isn’t based on the type of degree you study, but rather what you can bring to the program as an individual. I still utilize the knowledge obtained through the study of my degree every day without even realising. There are so many different areas you can go into within RBWM and you will definitely find something which you enjoy.”

Name: Caitlin Prasad

Degree: Law & Spanish

Current role: Sales and Service Manager

"I studied Law and Spanish at university, and have found that the analytical and problem solving skills I developed throughout my degree are of great use in my current role on the RBWM scheme, both when completing project work and when drilling down and applying MI figures. I think the presenting skills you learn as a Law student (through moots and mock trials) are also invaluable to any job role, as are the written communications skills (it’s hard to succeed in Law exams without being pedantic over spelling and grammar), as they help you to become confident and articulate both in person and on paper, and most sought-after jobs require you to be able to present to colleagues and hold your own at meetings. Fluency in a second language has proven to be invaluable in my current role, as it has allowed me to interact more efficiently with a larger customer base, and, coupled with the experiences and skills I picked up on my year abroad, I have found that it has changed my mentality and method of approaching tasks and people, so that I am much more appreciative of innovation, diversity and differing perspectives to my own. This is an attitude and way of thinking that I was fortunate enough to develop throughout my degree by studying a foreign language and culture, and I have found that those international organizations that pride themselves on valuing diversity, such as HSBC, greatly respect this- indeed, they encourage it- in their employees.  I think that proficiency in another language opens up more career paths and opportunities for me, as it means that I am able to work for companies both within and outside the UK, and work with different markets across the globe. It enhances my possibilities of securing an international career.”

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