Seven easy ways to improve your CV in your last year at university

Seven easy ways to improve your CV in your last year at university

Tuesday, 18th of July

Seven easy ways to improve your CV in your last year at university

It’s your last year of uni, and you want to spend it making the most of student life while you still can, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to create a show-stopping CV that employers are going to be impressed with!


1. Get involved with a society.

It’s a great way to make new friends, but also a great chance to gain some responsibility. Run for a position in the committee, or just become an active and important member of the group - this commitment will open up lots of new opportunities for you, like running events, managing budgets and team work – amazing transferable skills. You’ll also show that you’re able to manage a lively social life, with responsibilities alongside your studies … pretty impressive!


2. Set up a new society of your own.

Why not set up your own? Work with the Student Guild to create a group that means something to you. It shows real initiative, giving you ownership and responsibility, as your society will be like your own mini business. Not only will you meet like-minded people, it will give you a noticeable edge over others when it comes to applying for jobs too!


3. Become a class or subject rep.

These roles are often overlooked, but they can offer you so many skills. You’ll gain confidence to speak in front of hundreds of people – as you’ll be notifying your classmates of things happening on your course. Sometimes there can be 400 students in one single lecture, so it’s a big achievement to be able to stand up in front of them. You will also have to balance student, lecturer, and university needs - stakeholder management skills. This is a talent that employers look for, and trust us, you’ll be using this every single day at work.


4. Get involved with your University Student Guild/Union.

Becoming part of the SU is an amazing way jazz up your CV with words like ‘proactive’, ‘advocate for change, and ‘dedicated’. You can have an amazing opportunity to change the way that things are done - your actions could affect thousands of students – and that’s something pretty impressive to whack on your CV.


5. Try mentoring younger students.

As a final year student you have SO much to offer less experienced students, as you’ve probably have a bunch of tips to make their lives easier. Not only is mentoring really personally and emotionally rewarding, it will show your future employer that you are a mature, knowledgeable and kind person who wants to help others – doesn’t that sound like someone you’d want to hire? Exactly!


6. Use your free time to volunteer.

Although you’ll be working (and partying) hard, let’s be honest – students have a lot of free time … it’s one of the best things about being a student! However, have you thought about giving up just one or two hours a week to help others within your community? Not only will you tick the ‘social conscience’ and ‘great morals’ boxes for employers, but it will also open your mind to others and their circumstances, and make a massive difference locally – literally everyone wins!


7. Study hard and get a great grade

You’ve probably heard it from your parents, aunties and uncles, grandparents, older siblings and even the man down the street – but working hard is important. Getting a fantastic grade will give you that all important leg up, as your CV will be that little bit better than others! In general your last year is worth more towards your whole degree than others, which means you have a great opportunity to edge your grade up if over the past few years you’ve been slacking slightly.


So there you go – our 7 ways to improve your CV in your last year of University. These last months will be great fun, and it’s a time for you to enjoy being a student for the last time… but it’s also the final chance you have to boost your resume before searching for jobs – so don’t waste it!


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