Social Media Do's and Don't's!

Social Media Do's and Don't's!

Wednesday, 27th of March

Social Media Do's and Don't's!

With the huge rise of digital marketing, graduates and students should be turning to social media as a key way of marketing themselves in the job hunt.
It has been found that 30% of employers always check out candidates' social media profiles, and 58% of employers have successfully hired candidates through social networking sites.

LinkedIn is a brilliant business angled social network that enables you to connect with professionals.
It is also a great way to search for jobs and expand your business network.

DO: Connect with individuals regarding employability prospects, join groups and comment on discussions. There is no point having a LinkedIn profile if you don't make yourself known.

DON'T: Upload an inappropriate picture of yourself.
Think of LinkedIn as your online CV – you want to look professional and to be taken seriously by recruiters and employers. Use a standard headshot of yourself looking smart and presentable.

Twitter has revolutionised means of marketing and self-promotion through its innovative way of instantly sharing news to the masses.
This unique social network can be used in various efficient ways to building a successful network and self-image.

DO: Follow top job boards or companies that interest/inspire you to receive updates and news on what they are up to, or if they have any internship opportunities available. ??
DO: Use hash tags to set trends and gain followers. For example, #graduates, #careers and #graduatejobs are some of the most popular hash tags on twitter, so by using these in your tweets (when relevant), it will increase your exposure and hopefully induce more followers. ??

DON'T: Follow masses of people and not tweet – it looks weird.
If you are following up to 5,000 people on twitter and only have 200 followers, this imbalance will look suspicious to anyone looking at your profile.

Wordpress and tumblr are two of many blogging websites that can in some lucky cases kick-start a career and massively increase online exposure.
It's a fantastic way to showcase your writing skills, especially if wanting to get into the Media.

DO: Write pieces that are hard-hitting, topical and convey strong opinions.
These make striking and powerful reads and will stand out.
DO: Comment on other blogs and include a link back to your own blog, make yourself known and be active.??

DON'T: Write anything that could be deemed too controversial!

A huge and fun based social networking site that can display as much as you wish. 1 in 13 people worldwide have an account, so employers are bound to look you up on Facebook!

DO: Look over pages you have previously liked as well. What you have liked on Facebook is an immediate reflection of you, so be wary of what you have liked in the past and perhaps delete pages that may look a bit silly. ??DON'T: Have your Facebook profile open to the public. Ensure settings are private. Just think, do you really want employers to see some of your Facebook photos of nights out…?

The latest of social media phenomena, Pinterest is a virtual pin board where you can post pictures that you like, and find common interests with others through what you post and follow.
Depending on what field of study, Pinterest can definitely ignite career possibilities and exposure through what you post and share, especially if you are wanting a career in the Creative or Marketing sector.

DO: Build relationships with active Pinterest users and follow them.
Repinning their content and commenting on their pins also helps, the key is to be active.
DON'T: Go overboard with pinning. Limit yourself to how much you post a day, as excessive pinning will just annoy your followers and eventually lead them to un follow you. ?


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