Summer Internships at FirstGroup, a leading transport company

Summer Internships at FirstGroup, a leading transport company

Monday, 4th of February

From real-life projects to developing new skills, discover why Megan and Harry loved every minute of their internships at FirstGroup.

Who are the summer internships for?

“Undergraduate students in their penultimate year. You can grow your skills, earn a salary for 8-12 weeks and gain hands-on work experience in such areas as operations, HR, commercial, Group IT and data & analytics.”

What did you expect?

“I expected to make a difference and be given responsibility. And my expectations were met as I got stuck into several projects.”

“I wasn’t sure if I’d be fixing buses and getting dirty every day. But I didn’t do much of that! Instead, I worked on a variety of projects with the engineering team, gaining vital engineering management experience.”

How has your internship prepared you for your future career?

“My knowledge of the transport industry has increased by an incredible amount. I see my career in transport.”

“I’m now ready for a career in transport management. My internship has allowed me to hone my skills, be more confident and discover new skills I didn’t even realise I had.”

“Because you’re encouraged to continue onto the full graduate scheme it feels like a proper career opportunity, not just a 3-month placement!”

Would you recommend this internship?

“You should definitely go for it. It’s a really worthwhile and enjoyable experience. You’ll learn so much!

“Internships like this are quite rare. I’d say seize it with both hands. I wasn’t doing anything during the holidays. This is 3-months long. It’s paid. You gain industry experience. And you’re thrust into a project where you can genuinely make a difference.” 

Was your internship valuable?

“It’s been such an invaluable experience for me. I’ve loved every minute.”

“I’ve really enjoyed it. There are great people here. I’ve made friends for life. And I may have also secured a future for myself. That’s something you can do as well.” 

Discover more here, and find your FirstGroup Summer Internship. 

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