SuperJam Winners!

SuperJam Winners!

Monday, 17th of September

SuperJam Winners!

Over the summer MyKindaCrowd set a challenge with SuperJam, we set out to find the most scrumptious Olympic Jam, created by you!

With the Olympics and Paralympics now over, we have chosen our winners. It was tough as there were so many entries, all full of flavour, sporting taste buds and fantastic colourful olympic rings!

Our finalists were : Ben Cairns and Adam Williams ; who used Strawberry Jam to entice people and linked it with the great British reputation!

strawberry is synonymous with the fruit foreign people would associate with

Britain because of events such as Wimbledon where they are served nearly every day to the crowds"

Another winner were Vanessa and Esther, who produced a great poster with each jam having a different taste and design depending on the Olympic country! It was incredibly detailed and looked fabulous.


We then had Chloe Nelson, who came up with Spice Jam! MyKindaCrowd would love to try the jam and the thought behind the flavours were really creative.

"I have used the Olympic torch as my idea because it plays an important part throughout all of the Olympic years"


Lastly, Rebecca used fruit as shapes to create the circles for the Olympic rings, it was very colourful and well thought out! We love the fact that she considered the nutrition that athletes would need to keep their energy levels up!



As a reward for the finalist's entries we are rewarding them with a supply of Jam and the top two will receive a signed copy of a SuperJam cookbook

In the cook book you will find recipes on all sorts of jam! SuperJam is available from selected stores only ; Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Asda, and Booths.

Get involved with our challenges for more rewards and you could be in with a chance of winning something great!

Get inspired!





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