Top Tips from our Teacher of the Term

Top Tips from our Teacher of the Term

Wednesday, 22nd of February

Top Tips from our Teacher of the Term

Teacher of the Term!

Mr William Berryman, Head of CEIAG, at Rivers Academy West London, said this about his experience with MyKindaFuture:

"The workshops that are delivered by MyKindaFuture offer many benefits and opportunities for our students. These workshops really give the student a chance to build and enhance their CV. As teachers we know that students all over the country will leave with good grades, what we need to do is enable them to leave with much more than that to put them ahead of the competition, these workshops really do give us that chance"

Benefits to students highlighted by Will:

  • The workshops are linked to leading companies therefore students learn about a variety of industry sectors and roles they may not have been aware of. Students are also made aware of the actual work that the company conducts and the career opportunities that they have. 
  • The students learn transferable skills. Each workshop has a challenge where your students will do a number of tasks to embed some of the key skills that their employers of the future will want them to have. This includes teamwork, presentation skills and analytical skills.

The final major benefit to the students is that they often have the opportunity to win a prize. The prizes range from attending insight days, gaining work experience and some have cash prizes as well.

"Overall the workshops can really open the eyes of our students, they learn life skills, they learn about a specific company and careers within that company, they have the chance to complete a challenge and can win career enhancing prizes. As a teacher, working with MyKindaFuture has been great, they have made things as easy as they can for me with the support in ensuring everything is in place for the workshop."

My top tips for running these workshops:

  • They work with all students, so offer the workshops and insight days to a wide range of students and not just selected groups.
  • Really emphasise the impact to your students that the opportunity can have on their CV's and future careers, especially if they were to win the work experience or insight day.  

"I have been very impressed with all of the workshops and I am thankful on behalf of my students to MyKindaFuture for all of their hard work and support". 


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