TfL: Our experiences

TfL: Our experiences

Tuesday, 15th of December

TfL: Our experiences

Did you know that 30 million journeys are made every day in London? From buses to Taxi’s, the DLR to the underground we all use these different modes of transport to get around London. Since TfL began it has continuously be developing and improving, and as the population grows in the Capital, so does the demand for efficient, accessible transport.

Between now and 2025 TfL are hoping to make several significant changes, including extensions to tube lines, increased step free journeys and cost reductions, all to improve our day to day journeys.

MyKindaFuture and TfL have a new online challenge for students in Year 12. To celebrate this exciting challenge with TfL, the MyKindaFuture team thought we would share our experiences of travel across the capital.

PR and Marketing Manager Emma enjoys using different types of TfL's services, with lovely views. Here she is enjoying the Woolwich Ferry sat behind a TfL drive (cab)! 

Did you know this free ferry connects South Woolwich with North Woolwich, transporting vehicles across the river Thames?

Campaign Manager Mary finds the self-service machines very convenient when she’s in a rush.

Self-service machines come in very handy most places, especially at Waterloo, which is the busiest station in London with 84.9 million passengers per year.

The Business development Team are grateful for the safety barriers on the jubilee line, when there are crowds.

When the Jubilee line extension project happened, platform edge doors were installed. These barriers act as a safety shield to stop people falling onto the tracks; one of their original functions was also to reduce the movement of air caused by emergency ventilation fans which activate in event of a fire.

Campaign Manager Penny loves the festive decorations all over London, they’re even on the Underground! 

Whilst we have all shared what we enjoy about our journeys across London, TfL and MKF think there are improvements to be made. Here is where you can get creative, and get involved!

‘How would you improve London’s transport system?’ Get in teams and answer this question for the chance to pitch your ideas to senior members of the TfL team! All finalists will be offered work experience with TfL! What are you waiting for? Join the transport revolution!    


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