The Energy Challenge – Your Chance to Shine

The Energy Challenge – Your Chance to Shine

Thursday, 19th of December

The Energy Challenge – Your Chance to Shine

Hi I’m Dan, a current npower graduate and finalist of the 2012 Energy Challenge and I would like to congratulate you.


Well, by looking into the Energy challenge you’ve already shown the initiative that employers love. Now all you need to do is submit an entry to the 2015 Energy challenge to really set yourself apart from the crowd, it’s what I did and it worked out pretty well for me!!

Now I know you are going to need some convincing before you go away and get a team together to develop your idea but in the meantime, let me tell you some of the reasons why the Energy challenge is an opportunity that you should definitely seize...

1. You can demonstrate your skills, not just talk about them!

Write 500 words describing a time when you overcame a challenge and 300 more around a time you’ve worked in a team – sound familiar? I hated carefully constructing responses to competency questions and the Energy Challenge gives you the chance to SHOW your skills not just talk about them.

2. You receive amazing exposure to npower senior management.

I presented to a judging panel including the Chief Financial Officer and Director of Human Resources with over 100 npower managers and staff watching on.

3. The opportunity for personal development

Teams who reach the final will be invited to an npower office for a presentation skills workshop and will be partnered with a senior manager and a current graduate (pick me) to help hone their idea and presentation.

4. Understanding npower

For me the best part of my Energy Challenge experience was the chance to learn how npower does business from people within the company. Everyone I encountered had a passion for continuous improvement and I could tell that npower cared about my development and transition to a professional career. It was also a great way to make a first impression to some very senior people who can help my career progress.

Enter the great npower 2015 Energy challenge here.

I can’t imagine you would need any further reasons but if you do then please get in contact with npower via the Facebook page or feel free to email me directly -

Good luck!


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