The UCLoo Festival

The UCLoo Festival

Tuesday, 10th of December

The UCLoo Festival

On the 3rd of October 2013 we launched a challenge with the great charity WaterAid. Little did we know two months later we would be at an event at the University College of London, surrounded by wild and wacky toilet ideas, a room full of people who describe themselves as ‘toilets enthusiasts’ and a toilet that produces real electricity! Cool huh?!

The UCLoo festival started at University College London on the 19th November 2013 (World Toilet Day don’t you know!?), and included a whole two weeks worth of events and initiatives such as a toilet ‘make-a-thon’, exhibitions and toilet tours.

Our WaterAid challenge, created to encourage people between the ages of 12-18 to design an environmentally friendly toilet, aims to engage young people in the topic of sanitation, water and the environment altogether.

Since we have launched the challenge we have had many amazing and hilarious submissions such as the topical ‘Turdis’ Doctor Who style design or the chillingly cold ‘IGLoo’ idea!!

After being asked by UCLoo if we were interested in displaying some designs, we invited 5 students who had submitted ideas and asked them to join us at the finale event (which was also a book launch and ‘make-a-thon’ competition showcase!)

MyKindaCrowd thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon, as did the students, one of whom said ‘I think it has been a fun event and I have enjoyed talking to different people, they have given me different ideas and I feel like I have learned a lot’.

We also had an interview with BBC Radio 4!! Result!

Thanks for having us UCLoo!


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