The construction jobs Harry Potter characters would have in the real world

The construction jobs Harry Potter characters would have in the real world

Thursday, 15th of December

The construction jobs Harry Potter characters would have in the real world

Harry Potter and a building site might seem like worlds apart. But look closely and you'll find they have more in common than meets the eye.

Magical design, heroic teamwork, cunning plans, problem solving, thinking outside the box — construction, like Harry Potter, has it all. Because, really, there’s so much more to building things than hardhats, hi-vis and strong cups of tea.

So here’s what construction jobs some Harry Potter characters would have if JK Rowling had anything to say about it.

Site Managers – Professor McGonagall

Put simply, site managers get things done. They manage all the workers to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and to a high standard. No messing. Like Professor McGonagall, they're logical, take no prisoners and lead from the front. This role is for the do-ers.

Landscape Architects – Professor Sprout

Care about the planet? Landscape architects do too. They’re in charge of improving the quality of environments by designing and managing the open spaces around us — such as parks in the city. A big part of this role is about analysing the environmental impact of projects to make sure buildings meet standards. They know as much about the surroundings of a project as Professor Sprout does about mandrakes.

Civil Engineers - Hermione

The brains that bring a project to life. Civil engineers are all about leading the team to put designs into practice. They use their logic and spellbinding intellect to nail down the details so everything fits perfectly into place and holds up (and doesn’t fall down). They can work both in an office and on-site to oversee projects, and are some of the most important people in the industry. Like Hermione, they really, really know their stuff.

Building Surveyors – Rita Skeeter

These curious guys are all about the minute details. They are the people who find a needle in a haystack — and figure out how it got there. Their main role is to report on a building’s condition (for example, finding damp spots and proposing solutions and costs). They don’t stop until they have every detail right (unlike Rita, admittedly).

Architects – Harry Potter

Architects have a big vision and, like Harry, are the reason why everyone is really here. Architects literally see their drawings come to life. But the job is about more than abstract designs. Some architects branch out into more technical roles, making sure all the important technical details come together. Perhaps the most prominent characters, architects lay out the path for everyone else to follow.

Quantity Surveyors – Sirius Black

Sometimes an idea is different to the reality, and things are perceived the wrong way. Sirrius Black knows this feeling all too well — and construction projects can be misunderstood too. That’s where quantity surveyors come in. They cast an expert eye over plans to see how much a project would cost to in theory and in reality. They also check up to see if projects costs are going according to plan, and sort out any inconsistencies right away. Sadly, they can’t change into werewolves.

Building Services Engineers – Hagrid

More than just maintenance people, service engineers apply their wisdom and knowledge to make everything in buildings run smoothly. They’re responsible for making sure all the technical stuff in buildings works correctly – from the plumping to the electrical cables. They hold everything together. Without these guys we’d be pretty stuck (and bored).

But what role suits you best?

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