Top 5 revision tips for procrastinators

Top 5 revision tips for procrastinators

Friday, 29th of December

'Tis the season to be jolly! It's Christmas time, New Year is approaching and this means seeing family and friends regularly, eating to your heart's content and just generally taking a break from the normal routines. And naturally, it's a lovely break - why would you want to return to reality and face the things that aren't nearly as fun?

Unfortunately, this is the case for the student population. And we completely understand how gruelling it can be to come from the festive highs to the revision lows. For those of you who have a tendency to procrastinate, this one is for you - here's to helping you get back in the mindframe of working hard to playing hard. You've got this.

1. Take the phone out. We are all familiar with the mother of all procrastination - the phone. We've all been there and said 'I'll just check this app and then I'll get back to my work' and three hours later you are yet to move. Take the phone away people, and literally put it in another room. Texts, social media and phone calls will not be a distraction if they are quite literally out of sight! Thank us later.

2. Set goals and breaks. If you are prone to procrastinating, it won't help if you think you have a never-ending timeline of work to do with no hope in sight. Instead, set yourself work breaks and goals. For example, make yourself work for 2 hours and then take an hour break, and then come back to it for another couple of hours. Remember it's quality over quantity and sitting for hours on end is never going to make it go in any better. You must be strict with yourself with your breaks, though!

3. Answer to someone else. It has been proven that when we have to answer to ourselves, we are much more able to accept our excuses for not getting things done. However, if you have to answer to someone else you are much more likely to feel guilt or obligation to complete your tasks. Get a friend to ask you how each of your revision sessions went and ask if you have completed your objectives - and if you haven't, ask you why this is! Your excuses will soon sound silly.. 

4. Find the right space. This is personal to everyone - some people work with familiar spaces well and some work in unfamiliar better. Find a space where you are able to switch to your work and your work only, with minimal distractions. This usually involves the most uninteresting spaces you can find for procrastinators...

5. Procrastination isn't always to be ignored. Yes, if you are yet to start your work it would be logical to ignore this. However, if you have worked for a few hours and begin to get distracted then there's probably a reason for this! You can only work effectively for a certain amount of time before your brain needs a recharge. Listen to this and take a break - procrastination isn't always a bad thing!

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