Top 5 tips to prepare yourself for the working world

Top 5 tips to prepare yourself for the working world

Tuesday, 29th of November



When it comes to being a student the word career can be pretty scary. Narrowing down what you want to do can be ridiculously hard. For many, answering questions such as “what are you good at” and “what fascinates you” can be really tricky. However, if you can start thinking now about what you enjoy and the skills you have, you can really help your career journey. So, here are our top five tips on what we think you could do to
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What are you good at and what fascinates you?

No one likes to admit what they are good at. The first step is to find out what you enjoy. For example, maybe it’s your love for social media and communicating with others that takes you down the media and marketing route – just find the thing you love and go with it!

Do your research!

Use social media - have a look on LinkedIn! It’s a fantastic digital platform that can help you research about companies you may like to work for, jobs you may want to think about and other information such as past experiences and salaries.


Creating opportunities for you will help you better understand different industries and also the type of work you could do.

Volunteering, internships and placements are just some of the things you could consider; every kind of work experience widens your skill set and developsthe skills you already have. Remember - look at the kind of skills/ experiences employers are looking for and think about what opportunities you could get involved in that would map onto these skills.

Don't be afraid to ask for help

Careers services, lecturers and mentors are all there to help. Your personal development is important to them, so take the time to speak with them and brainstorm ideas. They will be able to tell you things such as what experiences other students have had that is relatable to your course.

Speak to employers

Use the resources you have around you! Look at employers’ websites and seek every opportunity available to you. Can you interact with them online? Can you go on campus to events? You can also use the MyKindaFuture website to talk to graduates via our digital mentoring service where you can get advice from people working within the business and has been through the recruitment process themselves.


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