Accenture's top tips on prepping for that big video interview

Accenture's top tips on prepping for that big video interview

Friday, 25th of November

Accenture's top tips on prepping for that big video interview

Chances are this year, you might come across a video interview. More organisations are going digital and integrating video interviews into the recruitment process for graduate and placement positions.

We know it can be an overwhelming and nerve-wracking process but there’s a few essentials to consider. Here’s some top tips to help you hit a video interview out of the ballpark.

Preparation and research is key

This applies to any stage of the recruitment process however, the video interview is your first step to verbalise what you’ve learnt. Remember to look at company’s website, general news and industry relevant pages as well understanding the role you’ve applied for as these could certainly be asked.

Building a connection with the reviewer will be important so your eye contact counts

You should have a small window between the question and response so take the time to think about your response, review notes if needed and then record your answer.

It might be a different style of interview but you can still practice

Take the time to think about why you want the role and some competency based examples and practice these responses in the mirror. This will help you become more natural in the recorded setting, as well as build your confidence with the content and style.

Don’t forget the basics still count

Tone, pace, volume, clarity and body language (smiling is allowed!). Also, consider your background as well as surrounding noise. Ensure you are in a quiet space without chance of distraction.

All in all, the most important thing to remember is to relax, be confident and enthusiastic and believe in yourself. The rest will follow and you may even enjoy it. Good luck!







This blog post was guest-written for MyKindaFuture by Accenture and is part of our November HirEd e-zine.  Read the e-zine in full here


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