Want an easy way to chat to employers? We have the solution!

Want an easy way to chat to employers? We have the solution!

Friday, 17th of June

Want an easy way to chat to employers? We have the solution!

You know when you want to know what life is really like at a company but the ‘About Us’ page doesn’t give you all the answers? Well, we have the solution. Our brand new digital chat let’s you connect with the companies you care about at the click of a button.

Ahead of an assessment day all kinds of questions will flow through your mind. Is the programme right for me? How can I make the best first impression? Will travel expenses be covered?  Well, the employers you connect with are on hand to provide the answers.


Our new digital chat means you’ll never feel unsupported before an assessment day. All you have to do is log in to the live chat with your chosen employer and get talking. You can also get inspiration from other attendees who are logged into the conversation.

This is what it looks like…

You can ask sensible questions like Ali has; knowing what to expect from an assessment centre can really help you prepare and focus your efforts on the right things to practise before the day. Another great question is whether your travel costs are covered, something that if the assessment is a million miles away is quite an essential piece of information!

Or like Ben, you may be thinking with your stomach…

Asking if there is lunch at the assessment centre is a reasonable question to ask. But saying ‘Hope it’s nice’ is getting a wee bit cheeky. We’ll let Ben off this time though, eh?

This chat is a great way for you to connect with employers and to get the information you need to better prepare for that next step. Everyone so far has really appreciated the support and said it’s proved invaluable to their prep for assessment centers. Best of all, the chat shows you’re ready to take the initiative and go the extra mile from the start – in short, everything an employer is looking for!

So what are you waiting for – sign up here now and we will invite you to chats that are specific to you and your interests.


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