Welcome to MyKindaFuture

Welcome to MyKindaFuture

Tuesday, 18th of August

Welcome to MyKindaFuture

There’s magic behind the union of two great forces. Think cookies and cream, Bert and Ernie, Bey and Jay.

With over 40 years of experience in youth employment, we're more responsive than ever.

Our new name and brand is a reflection of some of the exciting possibilities that MyKindaFuture will be creating…

We’ve got more opportunities.... 

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Workshops, challenges, our new interactive CV, Bright Futures societies, insight days, recruitment - there are an array of ways for you to get that job.

There are loads of different career routes, sectors and disciplines out there, we’re here to help you explore all your options.

And connections with awesome employers.... 

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MyKindaFuture is focused on providing meaningful face-to-face engagement with employers. We’re also dedicated to providing distinct online challenges and new exciting ways for you to develop your skills.

We want to help you develop strong relationships with employers – some that will take you from today to your future.

Giving you the chance to land your dream opportunity.... 





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With our strengthened service, we’re hoping you will be able to unlock your future career path.

That’s why MyKindaFuture will be pushing the boundaries with the types of services we deliver - we want your journey to be enjoyable and interesting.

Get in touch with us at team@mykindafuture.com



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