What does #YourTechFuture look like?

What does #YourTechFuture look like?

Thursday, 22nd of February

What does #YourTechFuture look like?

Today marks the start of the TCS #YourTechFuture series on MyKindaFuture and on social media. #YourTechFuture is all about how important digital skills are for your future career.  

Digital and tech careers are among some of the most exciting, rewarding and highest-paid in the UK, and we think that’s worth shouting about…

Did you know, for instance, that digital tech jobs are being created twice as fast as non-digital jobs* or that digital tech employees are offered 36% higher wages than UK average**

The UK will need to fill more than a million jobs in the technology industry by 2020.  Companies are searching for talented young people with innovative ideas and creative minds to make good on the incredible opportunities that new technologies bring.  

Every day for the next fortnight, we will share a new fact about the digital technology industry: something you might not know about the numerous opportunities out there for young people who want to pursue a career in tech.

Would you love a career as a tech leader? If so, you’ll need to know where to start: what skills you should be developing and what a career in tech actually looks like.  That’s why we’ve created ‘Digital Explorers’ – a one-stop shop to find out everything you need to know about working in the technology industry.  Even better... every time you read or watch something or answer questions on the site you get points which count towards you winning top tech prizes including Beats headphones and Kindle Fires.

So let’s separate the digi-fact from the digi-fiction, boost your tech wizardry & kickstart #YourTechFuture

Start your journey today by visiting our Digital Explorers site, www.digital-explorers.co.uk


* https://technation.techcityuk.com/digital-skills-jobs/jobs-salaries-data/

** https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2016/feb/10/digital-tech-employees-higher-wage-average




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