Give a presentation to Channel 4 bosses? All in a day's work...

Give a presentation to Channel 4 bosses? All in a day's work...

Friday, 20th of May

Give a presentation to Channel 4 bosses? All in a day's work...

As I clicked submit on my application for the C4 Pop Up East London, I never expected to be selected as an attendee. But the application was a great opportunity to totally be myself, and include what I thought showed off my passion for journalism and the media industry. Still, I was apprehensive that other applicants would have more standout experience than me.

But, thankfully, I was selected. Any anxiety instantly faded when I was sat in my group at Stratford Circus with my Journalism stream name sticker on, chatting away to all of the other attendees about their past experiences. There was a real mix of people of all age groups and experience. Some ran their own blog or YouTube channel; others had months of work experience with top industry names. It was incredible to hear what the other attendees had experienced so far and to share tips with each other on how to further progress our careers.

It was evident from the start of the day that we all shared a passion for factual storytelling. Jules McCarthy, a BBC Journalist and University lecturer in Broadcast Journalism, led the workshop. Jules set us a series of journalism based tasks for the day, including an ‘elevator introduction’ task, which required us to introduce ourselves in 45 seconds and film it (which was much more difficult than it sounds!), and writing broadcast news bulletins from real press releases.  Jules also gave crucial advice for media industry hopefuls, such as ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’, encouraging us all to check our social media footprint and delete anything that we wouldn’t want an employer to see.

Our main task of the day was to research, write and present a news package in our groups on the Rio Paralympic Games 2016. It was hard to quickly put the research, script and presentation together in a news package written by ten people, but this gave us a real feel of what it would be like to produce a breaking news story on a tight deadline. Not all members of the group were as comfortable with writing a script for screen or public speaking, but we all clubbed together to support each other where needed.

The news package was a success and to my surprise I was selected as one of the rising stars of the day. I then competed in a group in the final presentation for an experience day at Channel 4. After a quick five-minute practice in the hallway it was our turn to present our news package. It was nerve-wracking to present in front of over 100 people including top industry names from Channel 4, but we overcame the challenge and were selected as the winners by the 4Talent team. I’m really looking forward to our Channel 4 experience day in June, and sitting in my seat after being announced as the winning group I thought to myself: ‘Imagine if I had never applied.’ The day really exceeded all of my expectations and proved that if you put yourself out there you never know what you might achieve.  


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