What to do Before an Interview

What to do Before an Interview

Thursday, 3rd of March

What to do Before an Interview

It is normal to be worried about an interview and have pre-interview anxiety. However, these fears can be controlled and handled effectively before the interview takes place.

Fears and nerves before a job interview can display in many slightly off-putting forms: Dry mouth, sweaty palms, shaking, heart palpitations and sweating. Don’t worry - you are not alone! However, there is a solution to these pre-interview nerves ….

The evening before

  • Preparations before interview: Prepare a list of your achievements to remind you of how great you are.
  • Make your final job interview test: Pretend that you are sitting in the interview room and actually performing. You know how professional you are. Practice your sales pitch one last time.
  • Imagine: Think about the traveling route that you are going to drive tomorrow. See yourself in the interview room, hear yourself speaking with confidence.

The night before the interview

  • Get enough sleep: At least 8 hours. Make sure that you wake up physically prepared and mentally refreshed.

The interview day: Morning or 3-4 hours before the interview

  • Dress for success: power-dressing can help boosting up your confidence. It also impresses your interviewer.
  • Eat wisely: don’t fill yourself up too much, eat as you would eat regularly.
  • Document Check: check your folder one last time. Check (and read) documents like resume and job description to have it fresh in your mind.
  • Needless to say: Don’t drink alcohol before interview, don’t smoke 2 hours before the interview.
  • Prayer before an interview: If praying helps you to relax and calm your nerves, then pray.

Traveling to the interview

  • Arrive early at your job interview and spend some time to freshen up. You don’t want to be caught in a traffic jam with no spare time left.
  • Mind the time before the interview: Make sure to arrive 30-45 minutes before the interview so you’ll have enough time to arrange your thoughts and relax.
  • Listen to music: what sort of music do you like – pop, power songs, relaxing songs? Turn on the radio and select your favourite radio station.
  • Fresh air: Blast the air conditioner (or open the window) for fresh and crisp air. It will awaken your senses

Car parking or 30 minutes before your job interview

  • Positive thinking and ‘happy thoughts’: No time for self-doubts. All thoughts should be positive. Close your eyes and pretend to feel happy and you feel happy – that’s the formula.
  • Breathing: Breathe for four counts and hold your breath for four counts.
  • Visualize your activities before actually performing them: Athletes use this tactic to concentrate on their mission. Before the interview, see yourself shaking hands, smiling, speaking, making eye contact and generally being comfortable with yourself – If you think it, it will happen

Go into the building

  • Restroom check: First thing to do upon entering the interview building is going to the restroom. Wash your face, wash your hands and smile into the mirror. Take your time.
  • Drink fresh water: No Coke.
  • Cell phone: Turn off your cell phone.
  • Take slow/deep breaths: Take deliberate slow and controlled breaths to regulate the amount of oxygen in your body – It helps your mind focus better.

So there you have it, these tips will undoubtedly help your nerves, but do not worry if it doesn’t fully cure you of your pre-interview jitters - an adrenaline rush is good for performance!



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