What's in a degree? From Psychology to Group Transformation

What's in a degree? From Psychology to Group Transformation

Monday, 22nd of January

One topic of concern for many students seeking out their first graduate employment is often “how relevant is my degree?” While it is undoubtedly true that whatever you study at university will prioritise certain skills, information and capabilities over others, these three years of your life don’t have to determine your entire career path. In fact, there’s a good case to be made that you shouldn’t study something just because you want to spend your whole career in that discipline – you should study it because you are interested in and passionate about it. 

Many employers have come to recognise that what matters is the energy and passion that you can bring to a role. In many ways, a “non-traditional” degree can only serve you benefit as it will allow you to bring new and fresh perspectives to work. 

Louisa is a graduate on our Transformation scheme at Lloyds Banking Group, and joined after studying Psychology at University. Reflecting on her decision to change disciplines, Louisa explains her captivation with the opportunity she saw and why changing discipline as an excellent opportunity for her to make a difference with her knowledge of psychology.  

“Banking had never been a profession that I had given much thought to. However, after accidently stumbling across the Lloyds website during my final year of university, this quickly changed. At the time, Lloyds were offering a Digital Banking (now Transformation) Graduate Programme. Reading the description, I quickly realised this was far from the stereotypical image of a banking role I had envisioned. This was a programme which focused on keeping up with customer expectations in an ever-changing Digital world.” 

Louisa’s academic skillset has only helped her to flourish in her new role, and she says that “studying psychology meant that I was very people focused, I cared about individuals and wanted to help them...and during my time on the graduate programme, I have been able to do just that! From content changes to launching WebChat, the work that I have delivered has had a real benefit on our customers and this is exactly the type of role I wanted to go into after university, banking or no banking!”



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