Who inspires you?

Who inspires you?

Monday, 1st of February

When talking or thinking about careers it can be very daunting, however it can also be very exciting! If you combine skills, experiences and goals, along with motivation, this is what makes a career. More importantly a career involves inspiration! Whether this comes from people, events, objects or lessons, inspiration can be the key to reaching our goals! Therefore, we would like you to think who inspires you? This could be a celebrity, family member or even a brand or company, but what is it that makes this person or thing make you want to achieve or do something great?
We asked people from MKF and HSBC who inspires them:
Rae (MKF Tutor): “Brene Brown would be the person who inspires me, due to  her  relentless and brave exploration of emotional behaviour pertaining to our experiences, how we communicate our emotions to  others, and how we need to Own our story' to  be  courageous.”
Will (MD, MKF): “The person who most inspires me is Brent Hoberman. Founder of Lastminute.com and Made.com, Brent is the most ambitious person I know. Ambitious for growing and investing in successful technology companies, and equally ambitious for inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs via Founders Factory, for supporting social impact and charity with Founders Pledge, for supporting the economy with his work with UKTI and many economic forums, and for the superb advice and guidance he gives to companies, organisations and individuals. I'm so lucky that I'm one of those people he helps.”
Tanya (MKF Tutor): “Alice Walker inspired me through the work of her book "The Color Purple" - a book that always reminds me that whatever life throws at us, we have the power within ourselves to fight, and fight we must, to make things better.”
Dan (MKF Head of Delivery): “The person who most inspires me is Tony Hsieh. A hugely successful internet entrepreneur who founded and ran Zappos.com before exiting to Amazon in 2009.  Zappos grew to a billion dollar business by focusing their energies on exceptional customer service and an incredible internal team culture.  Hsieh calls this the culture of ‘Delivering Happiness’ and later wrote a book and created a website of the same name.  This story inspires me because I believe passionately that the best way to grow a profitable and successful business is to relentlessly focus on making staff and customers as happy as humanly possible!”
At MyKindaFuture we always aim to inspire, so we’ve teamed up with HSBC to encourage students to get involved in their ‘Inspiring Potential Insight Day.’ The day has been designed to give students an insightful experience, to help them make decisions about their career… and inspire them!


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