Why do you love where you’re from?

Why do you love where you’re from?

Thursday, 14th of January

Why do you love where you’re from?
Whether you’re from a big city or small village in the countryside, CCE and MyKindaFuture want you to be proud of where you are from, and would like you to share with us why? 
In the MKF offices we come from many different places and whether it be a memory, a view, events or culture, each of us have unique reasons as to what makes that place special: 
Mark: "People make Glasgow! Glasgow is renowned for being one of the friendliest cities in the world and I am extremely proud to call Glasgow my hometown. Glasgow city centre is vibrant, modern and innovative yet it is only a stones throw away from some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK."
Charlotte: "In amongst all of the busy streets of London and bustling people, you are never far from a little patch of calm or greenery even right in the centre of town, often just tucked away down a side road."
Adisa: "I am from Albury a country town in Australia. I love where I am from because it’s peaceful, I am always surrounded by nature, the air is fresh and it has kooky ‘outback’ venues such as the Ettamogah pub. Others popped up around the country but Albury is home to the original which was built in 1987!" 
Georgie: "I live in Camberwell and I love its diversity and variety of restaurants and pubs. On a clear day you can sit in the park and see St Paul’s Cathedral and The City, even though it’s actually in quite far out of Central. My favourite thing to do is wander the street markets on a Saturday morning, or go dancing in the famous venue the Coronet. It’s a real community and summer festivals such as the Camberwell arts fair in the summer really help bring everyone together."
Rachel: "Glasgow is awesome for many reasons, none of which have anything to do with deep fried mars bars! It is a vibrant city with all that that entails - amazing architecture, cool restaurants and bars and all the shops you need in two easily navigable streets - yet in 20 minutes you are in the heart of the countryside, rolling hills, lush greens and a sky that goes on for miles."
James: "I love the texture of the social fabric in Brixton. A mixture of great cultures and initiatives offer such variety in art, shops, and restaurants. Just look at Pop Brixton. 85% of the business owners are local."
Now it’s your turn- make a video, create a collage, write a blog, whatever you like! Market where you are from with the aim of getting more visitors to see and experience the place that you love, and you might just become one of the first Field Sales Apprentices with Coca Cola Enterprises. Find out more about CCE’s online challenge and details on how to enter here: http://www.mykindacrowd.com/Challenges/CCE 


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