Why should I learn how to code?

Why should I learn how to code?

Tuesday, 8th of March

Here at MyKindaFuture, we are always keen to find new ways that students can boost their employability! In this piece, we hear from Lucy about her experience of coding and why you should learn too!

Code is a language in which websites, apps and software is written and it is no longer reserved for stereotypical ‘geeks’. Knowing how to code, even at a very basic level, is a fantastic skill for any career you may be pursuing. Lucky for you, free coding workshops, online tutorials and support are rife with a shift over the last few years to encourage young people to learn how to code.

I learnt to code in my final year of University, with a fantastic scheme called Code First: Girls which is a free, weekly workshop run at universities across the country by an organisation called Entrepreneur First. By learning to code in a friendly environment, with other female students who are just starting out was a brilliant way to learn how to code, especially as we were able to ask each other with the problems we were having.

The reason that Code First: Girls has also been successful is down to the empowerment it gives young women in universities across the UK. Coding and technology is quite often seen as a man’s world, despite the world’s first computer programmer, Ada Lovelace, being a woman! Even with the recent shift in encouraging women to undertake careers in tech, only 17% of tech jobs in the UK are held by women! And this trend can be seen even more in younger people, with only 7% of students studying computer science at A Level being female.

Whether you are a male or female, learning to code and understand how technology works is key to future careers. Technology controls a huge range of things from how we interact with our nearest and dearest right through to the UK and worldwide economy. When I decided to learn to code, I wanted to make sure I was one of those people who had the knowledge to control and create new technology which could one day shape the world around me.

Your first step to learn how to code is very easy! Why not just take 30 minutes to start off with the basics and you will be able to see how writing a few simple commands can create a brand new thing before your eyes. There is a great amount of free resources and websites which are set up to help you start coding in under an hour, here are some of the best places to start to learn to code from the comfort of your own home:

General Assembly: Dash

Code Academy

Hour of Code

If you are a female undergraduate, then check out Code First: Girls to see if there is a course coming up at your university! 


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