#IGotThis with Deloitte!

#IGotThis with Deloitte!

Tuesday, 7th of March

#IGotThis with Deloitte!

Share your inspiration to win a £5,000 Inspiration Award!

What gets your heart racing? What moves you to act? What leads you to eureka? What is it in fact that lights your spark, adds that zing, makes your mind sing? What inspires you?

We all need inspiration: to create, to progress, to pursue our best. For some it’s a famous or familiar role model, or a favourite work of art. For others, a lifelong passion for yoga, baking, biking or hiking. We’ve all got something – that one top thing – that never fails to inspire us. So, what have you got?

We’re curious to see your imagination at work. Share your Inspiration and you could WIN a £5,000 Inspiration Award: a made-for-you package of opportunities to grow, learn and delve deeper into your inspiration. 10 runners up will each win a £100 Award. Plus your entry could be exhibited by Deloitte.

How to enter: Draw a circle. Fill it with a photo, collage, installation, drawing or animation of what most inspires you. Use any medium, any style, just inspire us. Then share it with the hashtags #IGotThis #Inspirations

Discover more here: www.deloitte.co.uk/IGotThis 

*You must be at school or college to enter this competition and be over 16. Entries close 7th April 2017


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