Winner's Blog: Hopes & Wishes

Winner's Blog: Hopes & Wishes

Monday, 6th of July

Winner's Blog: Hopes & Wishes

Hello everyone!

As our inter-rail adventure approached, our thoughts turned to what we might need to pack. As it turns out, we had very different approaches, made apparent when we met up to take the pictures for this very blog post.

As illustrated below, our freshly nicknamed packs (“Tom and Jerry”), show our contrasting opinions as to what constitutes ‘packing light’…


                               Miriam’s pack (left) and Katharine’s (right)

                                       Our Hopes and Expectations

  • Inevitably, we will have packed too much, despite desperately having tried to avoid it.
  • We may actually come to like the necessary evil that is the bumbag. But we predict that we may end up appreciating, and maybe even loving this handy pouch that our parents insisted we bring
  • The people that we meet will be AMAZING. In Youth Hostels and couchettes, we’re sure that we will meet very cool people, with whom we will swap sightseeing recommendations and have deep chats about everything under the sun.
  • We’ll eat nothing but pasta.
  • This will be one of the greatest experiences of our lives so far. This is less of a hope/expectation, and more of a certainity. We’re so excited about the summer that lies ahead, full of incredible experiences.

And so this blog post ends on a slightly sentimental note (could it be anything but?). We hope you enjoyed reading these thoughts, and that you will follow us on our journey (both literal and metaphorical) to find out whether these hopes and expectations are realistic!

See You Soon!

Miriam & Katharine 


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