Winner's Blog: In love with Zagreb

Winner's Blog: In love with Zagreb

Thursday, 6th of August

Winner's Blog: In love with Zagreb

5 Reasons we fell in love with Zagreb - in no particular order! 


The abundance of strange, amusing and wonderful museums

Zagreb boasts an amazing selection of wacky museums including the museum of illusion, the museum of mushrooms and our personal favourite, the museum of broken relationships. 

 The food                                                 

We were thrilled to find an amazing ice cream shop only a two minute walk from our hostel, and even more thrilled to find out it was open until 11 at night! The quality of the ice cream rivalled that we had tried in previous trips to Italy and the selection of flavours was immense.

The Plitvice Lakes

Okay, this isn't exactly IN Zagreb but only a two hour coach drive away. When researching this trip we had really wanted to visit this famed nature reserve but couldn't think of any way it'd be possible to get there. We were happy to find out our hostel ran a coach trip which was a convenient way to get to explore the lakes and mingle with fellow travellers! As soon as we saw the stunning turquoise water we wanted to dive right in but no such luck as swimming was strictly forbidden. 

 The old town and the walking tour

As with most of the cities we had been to so far, we thought a walking tour would be the best way to get some insider knowledge about the city. We soon realised that a tour would be leaving at 6pm from right outside our hostel, "how convenient" we thought. The tour was very interesting and informative. We explored the old town and listened to some first hand experiences that the guide shared with us. 

The outdoor spaces and zoo               

Probably the most touristy thing we have done so far on this trip, but yes we visited the zoo. The very reasonable price of 23 kuna (around £2.30) was too much to resist at the promise of seeing some meerkats so, on a whim, we decided to go to the zoo! The surrounding park area was also gorgeous and an amazing place to refresh after our hectic schedule. We were very envious of the cities locals who had such an amazing outdoor space so close to the centre. 


Until next time!

Miriam & Katharine


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