Winner's Blog: TCS' Mission You

Winner's Blog: TCS' Mission You

Tuesday, 4th of August

Winner's Blog: TCS' Mission You

This summer, I took a one week work placement at Tata Consultancy Services not really expecting that much, apart from experience of a work environment, and something to put on my CV.  Instead, what I got was a great learning experience!

On my first day, I joined a team of people who were all on the same placement. We were all given the same challenge. This tested our teamwork skills, our ability to stay focused, and to complete the work to meet a deadline.

Our assignment was: 'Mission You'. Our mission - to help come up with some advertising strategies (using technology) to make a customer servicing organisation run better. (I can’t say which organisation because it’s confidential!)

On one day of the placement, we each 'job shadowed' a specialist function within the company (we gave our preference beforehand). I got my first choice -  IT management – but there were many other options which were attractive to other people, such as sales.

I applied for this experience through a challenge run by MyKindaCrowd.  The task was to design the concept for an item of wearable technology. I won the competition, the prize being the one week work placement at TCS.

If you have the opportunity for this work experience I would definitely apply!


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