Winners Blog: Why we love Budapest!

Winners Blog: Why we love Budapest!

Wednesday, 29th of July

Winners Blog: Why we love Budapest!

After our quick stop off in Vienna, we had 5 nights in Budapest, which seemed almost luxurious after our previous fast paced stops. And we loved it! Here are our reasons why. 

-Watching from the banks of the river as the monuments were illuminated at night. This happened on our very first evening, and it was magical. 

-The Baths. We actually went to two- the Széchenyi Baths and the Gellert Baths, and we loved them both. There were thermal pools, steam rooms and saunas, but the best bit in Katharine's opinion was the murals, statues and fountains, due to the fact that the baths were over 100 years old.

-The House Of Terror. This was a both horrifying and moving museum about the Nazi and Soviet occupations of Hungary. It focused both on life during the occupations, and the aftermath; how the Hungarian people are still rebuilding their nation. We left the museum with a new respect for the city and country we were in. A must for fellow travellers! 

-The Trams. Katharine took the No.2 all the way down the riverbank and then climbed up to the Citadel (the view from which was pretty spectacular!). The No.2 route is apparently considered one of the most scenic in the world- and this was definitely true! 

-The city was fast paced, but with quiet spots to take time out. One of our favourite places turned out to be Margaret Island, an island in the north of the city with lots of shady parkland where the locals went to relax. 

We love Budapest, and hope to return soon, not least to go to all the other baths! But now, on to Zagreb! 

See you soon, 

Katharine and Miriam 


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