Winner's Story : Gripple

Winner's Story : Gripple

Thursday, 6th of December

Winner's Story : Gripple

The Gripple challenge required young students to create a new product or service that would have an environmental benefit. Idea's flew in from schools all over the country ; students thought about the environmental problems that they could be facing at school, at home and in work, and provided solutions to these problems!

Gripple were so stumped with the amount of amazing responses they received, they created a judging criteria that they could use to judge the responses. These were : Problem solving, innovative solutions, ability to implement the idea, green credential, presentation and creativity.

Runners Up

Aston Lodge School


Idea : Bushbin 2.0

This bin was camouflaged with bushes and included different sections for reclycling glass, plastic and other materials.

BONUS! Gripple will be working with the school to help develop their Bushbin 2.0 Idea!

Dinnington Primary School

Idea : The Dinnington Express

The Dinnington Express is a train that travels around the school to collect rubbish that could be recycled.

BONUS! Gripple have contacted ' LoadHog' and they will be providing the school with a pally so the school can continue developing and creating their idea!

Wath Central Primary School

The children of Wath Central Primary school created a product that was based on an idea to make life easier for a wheelchair user in the school. The students thought of creating a pull out ramp instead of a chair lift that is currently being used.

Gripple thought that this idea was thoughtful, related to real life and showed great problem solving, as well as having environmental credit.

And finally….

The Winner...

Meadow View Primary School

They created innovative products such as the PowerBoot and Wind and Wash Machine!

The PowerBoot created a way to charge your phone and other devices on the go…through our boots!

Their school will receive £350!

Each school that entered have received a big poster to inspire more students to be innovative and creative! All schools will also be invited to Gripple HQ for an award ceremony for the school, including a guest speaker!

Well done to everyone who entered the responses were incredibily impressive and we hope that this challenge has inspired you to come up with your own environmentally friendly idea. If you think you've got something unique, share your idea in the comments and maybe Gripple can help you develop your idea further!



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