Winners Story: Tamsin Page

Winners Story: Tamsin Page

Wednesday, 16th of October

Winners Story: Tamsin Page

MyKindaCrowd challenge: United World Schools want your help to create a game for young children to play in Cambodia

Winner: Tamsin Page with ‘Shuffle’

Prize: The game will be produced and taken to schools abroad and used by teachers to teach young people the skills included in the games and activities (Also receive 100 points from MyKindaCrowd!)

Winning Submission: My submission "shuffle" is a game that uses a series of picture cards, which every child has a set of. A lead child tells a story using the pictures on the cards, while the other children will order theirs to be the same as the person telling the story. The idea evolved from a game I used to play in primary school where we would describe an object we saw around us without saying what exactly it was and others had to guess the object. I then developed this into a set of picture cards so that a whole story could evolve which will help exercise the child's imagination especially with regards to linking objects together.

Why Tamsin entered the challenge: I entered to competition because I am a creative person and I like to see other people be creative also. It is a simple game and one that evolved from a personal pastime I enjoyed. I am looking forward to seeing the children playing with the cards and maybe even hearing some of the stories they come up with.

We have such a different imagination when we are young, which can be lost as we grow up, so I think it will be very interesting to hear some of the great links and storys that they produce.

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