With these simple steps, chances are you won't know what stress is!

With these simple steps, chances are you won't know what stress is!

Thursday, 7th of December

“Coping with stress is like lifting weights—it will make you stronger, if done properly.”

Coping with stress is like lifting weights. To be successful, a weight lifter would have to prepare properly beforehand. They lift the weights correctly and avoids lifting too much weight. Taking such steps will help build strong muscles without damaging the body. On the other hand, if the weight lifter fails to take these steps, they can tear a muscle or even break a bone.

How is this illustration applicable?

Well, it’s unrealistic to expect to make it through University without having to deal with some kind of stress. Stress can however be oppressive, but you need not let stress drive you crazy. The key is learning how to manage stress effectively.

Therefore, you can manage the stresses that you encounter and successfully accomplish the work you need to do without causing damage to yourself. How? Consider these very simple steps:

A)    Identify the specific causes of your stress. 

You can’t conceal yourself from oppressive stress unless you first identify the most likely cause. So ask yourself: Which stress factor affects you the most? Could it be the following?

1)    Upcoming tests
2)    Homework
3)    Parents’ high expectations
4)    Living up to your own high expectations

B)    Do research & ask for help

Even the strongest weight lifter has limits. You do too. Research for suggestions how you can minimise the pressures of the causes of your stress. Speak to friends or fellow classmates and apply useful suggestions they may put forward.

C)    Don’t procrastinate

Few problems will disappear if you ignore them. Instead, they usually become worse, in turn increasing your stress. Prioritise your coursework and assignments. Complete them as soon as you are able to so that you are not left with a heavy workload and an even shorter deadline! 


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