Work, life and family at Cisco

Work, life and family at Cisco

Friday, 23rd of February

My name is Mihaela Maior and I've been a Software Engineer at Cisco Systems UKI for almost 3 years. I joined the company as a graduate in 2015 and haven't taken my eyes off the two 4K monitors since. I'm kidding, of course!

I studied at University of York for and graduated with a Masters of Engineering in Computer Science, plenty of memories and a bucketload of knowledge. Upon completing my second year of university, I decided to get a summer internship. After a few interviews with various companies, I managed to get one with a local software house in York.

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Starting out

Starting summer 2013, Red Black Systems became my work place, family and life away from university for the next couple of years. Upon completion of my internship, I took a flexi-time position with their team while I finished my studies. A great start to my career as an Engineer, leading into two years of industrial experience which later helped me get my job with Cisco.

By 2015, graduation was edging closer and I started to think about my future. I had to consider the benefits and drawbacks of my current work place in comparison to a larger corporation. These are not the only options of course, but those who know me well will tell you that I’m not one for small decisions or holding back.

A leap of faith

I had to decide between being comfortable and stable or taking a leap of faith and risking my current situation to achieve something at a higher level. Small office environments are cosy, homey and warm. I was worried about the possibly industrial and cold office I could end up working in. But I quickly realised working for a large company doesn’t involve thousands of employees sitting together in a warehouse! Each team has their own vibe, environment and family you become part of.

I love programming, challenging problems and always learning new things. Before joining Cisco, I didn’t know much about collaboration or conferencing but that didn’t stop me from applying or even acing my interviews, and it shouldn’t stop you either. If you want something, go for it, work hard and it will pay off. My Cisco offer didn’t come out of the blue, but I was still very excited and proud to get such a good opportunity before even finishing my degree. Without worrying about it too much, I accepted their offer and braced myself for the next exciting chapter in my career.

For those who haven’t heard about Cisco, we are the worldwide leader in IT and networking. An American multinational technology conglomerate aiming to disrupt through innovative solutions. We are committed to changing the world while promoting an inclusive and caring environment for all. In engineering, we are not only tasked with creating tomorrow’s collaboration tools but also encouraged to speak our minds, share our expertise and bring people together through what we do.

Collaboration is key

The Spark Collaboration Platform is the main focus of my team. We contribute to this new cloud-based platform by developing and maintaining a few of the micro services providing conferencing experiences to our customers. We promote a DevOps culture and expect our team members to get involved in activities in line with their interests. We are a team of 30 specialists, each ready to offer niche expertise and share our knowledge across the team.

Smart people can be very intimidating, especially when you’re the new acquisition to the team, but with great minds come great hearts and strong personalities. There’s nothing we appreciate more in our team than individual opinions, great argumentative discussions and a shared sense of accomplishment.

I am strong a believer in the individual’s power as part of a team. My personal contribution comes from a few different sources. My main tasks would be development and testing for our services but I also get involved in a lot of side activities. I am a Scrum Master for a team of 8, social events organiser, engineering interviewer, conference speaker and I have a general concern for the wellbeing of us all. There is no team without people who are willing to work towards a common goal. We were brought together at Cisco to build something new and exciting.


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