Your digital footprint

Your digital footprint

Tuesday, 9th of February

Are you aware of your digital footprint, or even know what this is? Your digital footprint is the trail you leave behind when online. This is extremely important when thinking about jobs, as it can make or break your career!
I recently visited a fantastic exhibition at Somerset House - Big Bang Data, which opened up my eyes to the world of data and how exposed we are each time we post on social media, look for our location on Google Maps and simply go on the internet.
This exhibition really got me thinking about my digital footprint, what steps I took towards starting my career and if I would change anything from what I know now.
Social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram  and many more of these sites contain vast amount of information about our day-to-day lives. Where we are, our interests, our thoughts and even our personality traits - all things that create an impression to a future employee. 
Positive outcome: As someone who works on social media channels in their job, it was extremely important I showed my online presence in a creative and thoughtful way when looking for a job.
Made me think moment! Everything that is posted on these channels could be scrutinised and questioned by future employers. Is it best to have all your social media private?
Google: We’ve all done it - Googled ourselves, however try again and this time see what sites your name links to and what images can be seen. Remember any future employer can see this!
Positive outcome: When ‘Googling’ myself my photography website  appears. It’s great for future employers to see my photography and website creating skills.
Made me think moment! You need to stay up-to-date continually with content if you have a website or chose to have public social media, this demonstrates your engagement with online tools.
CV: If your CV is written on a piece of paper sat on your desk, how do you expect an employer to know about you skills and career aspirations? Once you have a well written, enthusiastic CV, put it online! There are now so many different sites,  the more places you upload it the more employers are likely to see it. LinkedIn is also a fantastic place to look professional and share your skills.
Positive outcome: This was a definite positive for me, as this is how I got my job- I put my CV online and MKF found me!  
Made me think moment! My CV is now on several online sites. Remember to keep track of where you upload your CV, so future employers don’t find an outdated version when you are applying for new jobs.
We asked one of our recruiters for MyKindaFuture what they think about the importance of having an online presence and what they would look for online: 
“There are hundreds of job boards, some being more specific for certain career areas. At MKF we have seen great results from LinkedIn.
Recruiting through social media will become more popular, however posting on social media can definitely cause you problems, for example some Law firms have been known to check their graduate’s Facebook pages before making offers…”
Three mobile  are offering a fantastic opportunity to be involved with their Reimagined Learning programme , which means you could become part of this digital world! If you get the opportunity to go on the programme, make your presence know! Tweet about your experience or post a photo on Instagram- you never know future employers might see this!
If you are looking for jobs or thinking about your career, next time you go online just think, is the trail you’ve left online one an employer would want to see? 
Written by Anonymous (Thinking about my digital footprint!) 
Employee at MKF


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