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  • Wondering what's next for you?

    01 Mar 2019 -Help & Advice

    Curious about apprenticeships? What does being an apprentice really mean? Will I have the same opportunities as a graduate? What will my day to day job involve?

  • A Day in the Life Of... A Mazar's Apprentice

    06 Mar 2019 -Help & Advice

    Meet Hannah and Dean, Corporate Tax Assistant Apprentices at Mazars, and find out what a typical working day looks like for them

  • Myth-Buster: 6 Things You Thought You Knew About Apprenticeships... But Were Wrong

    05 Mar 2019 -Help & Advice

    It's National Apprenticeship Week - and it's also our chance to dispel the common misconceptions that surround opting for an apprenticeship...

  • Top ten tips to help you cope with stress during exam season

    14 May 2018 -Help & Advice

    As you may, or may not be aware, it is Mental health awareness week, this week. This year’s theme is on Stress, so we thought it’d be great to share some top tips on how to cope with stress, especially now as it is peak exam season.

  • How to help someone you know with a mental health illness

    22 Sep 2017 -Help & Advice

    Mental health illnesses affect over 15 million people in the UK alone, if you know someone who has a mental health illness, here is how to help.

  • 7 Tips to beat the back to school blues

    04 Sep 2017 -Help & Advice

  • Top tips for making your group work more effective at university

    18 Jul 2017 -Help & Advice

    No more stressful arguments

  • Seven easy ways to improve your CV in your last year at university

    18 Jul 2017 -Help & Advice

    It’s your last year of uni, and you want to spend it making the most of student life while you still can, but it’s also an amazing opportunity to create a show-stopping CV that employers are going to be impressed with!

  • After graduation, what comes next?

    17 Jul 2017 -Help & Advice

    It's time to get focused, organised and busy

  • LGBT+ employees' experiences in the workplace

    28 Jun 2017 -Help & Advice

    We spoke to two LGBT undergraduates who shared their experiences of being in employment, the challenges they have faced and their opinions on how the workplace can be improved for the LGBT+ community...

  • How to get your dream work placement this summer

    12 Jun 2017 -Help & Advice

    DHL graduate Jonny offers some sage advice on how to make the most of your summer

  • Deloitte: Break the stigma surrounding mental health

    25 Apr 2017 -Help & Advice

    Ahead of the publication of our April Ezine, we wanted to share an exclusive video created by Deloitte to promote the reduction of stigma surrounding mental health.


    07 Mar 2017 -Help & Advice

  • 6 surefire ways to work out what career you want to do

    06 Mar 2017 -Help & Advice

    Try these handy tips to help identify your skills — and a job that suits you

  • image

    Quiz: What is the first thing people notice about your personality?

    24 Feb 2017 -Help & Advice

  • Top Tips from our Teacher of the Term

    22 Feb 2017 -Help & Advice

    Some great feedback and tips from our Teacher of the Term

  • How to find the perfect career for you

    09 Feb 2017 -Help & Advice

    How to find the perfect career for you

  • image

    16 things only uni students will understand in winter semester

    31 Jan 2017 -Help & Advice

    We can all relate, right?

  • Top tips for video interviews

    23 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    Top tips for video interviews

  • image

    RPC share their top tips on making the most of the festive break by completing summer scheme applications

    21 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

  • image

    Guide for first year undergraduates

    20 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

  • 5 top tips for a successful Volkswagen Group UK grad application

    19 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    Thinking about the VWG grad scheme? Get the lowdown from those who have already excelled on the programme

  • Top tips for a great internship application

    13 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

  • Making the most out of your Xmas break!

    12 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

  • Arcadis reveal how to keep sane during the manic Christmas period

    09 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    Remember to always keep things in perspective

  • How to do Christmas: Student-style

    08 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    Poundland is your best friend

  • Why you should use the Christmas break to plan for the New Year, by Accenture

    05 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    (But also remember to chill out)

  • Graduate experiences: Advice for current students

    02 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

  • Grad experiences: Making the leap from student to graduate

    01 Dec 2016 -Help & Advice

    Throughout December, we'll be opening a window into the world of work for our #MKFAdventCalendar David Risley, a recent grad from UWE, kicks things off with his thoughts on how to prepare for post-uni life.

  • Top 5 tips to prepare yourself for the working world

    29 Nov 2016 -Help & Advice

    4) Don't be afraid to ask for help

  • How to nail your training scheme application for Ashurst

    28 Nov 2016 -Help & Advice

    8 key things you need to include to impress the assessors

  • image

    How to nail each stage of the DHL graduate scheme application

    25 Nov 2016 -Help & Advice

    Get ahead of the game with these job application and interview tips

  • Accenture's top tips on prepping for that big video interview

    25 Nov 2016 -Help & Advice

    Daunted by a video interview coming up? Just follow these steps and you'll breeze through

  • Everything you need to know about interviewing with P&G

    25 Nov 2016 -Help & Advice

    Don't get caught out

  • How to stand out in a shrinking graduate market

    22 Sep 2016 -Help & Advice

    The new graduate recruitment game is hard. Our Graduate Talent Consultant reveals how to crack it.

  • How to get an apprentieship with the biggest creative agencies

    19 Jul 2016 -Help & Advice

    Digital Futures apprentices share their tips for success

  • MKF revision tips: The secret to exam success

    09 May 2016 -Help & Advice

    Exam coming up? Don't stress! Just follow these simple steps

  • How to break into the world of media, by someone who already has

    09 May 2016 -Help & Advice

    Killer insider advice from a recent Journalism grad

  • Let's get global!

    05 Apr 2016 -Help & Advice

    We've picked three career pathways at HSBC and given you the inside track on how to get there and where it can take you.

  • Apprenticeships: Why and How

    14 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    Do you know where to look for Apprenticeship opportunities?

  • Jobs!

    09 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    Get applying now.

  • Handshake top tips!

    03 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    Don’t stumble at the first hurdle.

  • What to do Before an Interview

    03 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    How to Relax and How to Calm Nerves

  • Are you interview wardrobe ready!?

    03 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    What are you doing to prepare for your interview? Have you got your interview wardrobe ready, or are you feeling unsure on what outfit you should wear to make the right impression? We can help!

  • First impressions count

    03 Mar 2016 -Help & Advice

    Our judgements of others are often affected by stereotypes, what do people think of you?

  • CV and cover letter tips!

    25 Feb 2016 -Help & Advice

    We’ve managed to get inside knowledge at HSBC what they are looking for in your CV when applying for the Inspire and Aspire programme.

  • Continuing to build your resilience

    24 Feb 2016 -Help & Advice

    The need to be flexible and nimble thinking are fundamental to business and personal success.

  • How can you be more resilient?

    16 Feb 2016 -Help & Advice

    Resilience refers to the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; so basically – are you tough?

  • Meet Ivan...

    15 Jul 2015 -Help & Advice

    Ivan recently completed work experience with the team at MyKindaCrowd. Find out what he thought about his time at our London offices...

  • It’s A-Level RESULTS DAY tomorrow

    13 Aug 2014 -Help & Advice

    Incase you missed it...

  • Interested in the Smart Start Challenge?

    22 Apr 2014 -Help & Advice

    Quote's from students who have previously entered the great Smart Start Challenge….

  • Top 20 Things to do this Easter Holiday

    03 Apr 2014 -Help & Advice

  • Life as a PMO Analyst

    20 Mar 2014 -Help & Advice

    Ever wondered what a PMO Analyst does? OR even what does PMO stand for? All will be revealed here!

  • Challenge Inspiration: Nestlé

    21 Feb 2014 -Help & Advice

    Got a creative block? Really want to enter the Nestlé challenge? No worries, we are here to help, have a look at our ideas in the office!

  • Could you find a business idea in song lyrics?

    09 Sep 2013 -Help & Advice

    Have you entered our challenge with Bright Ideas Trust yet?

  • Top Student Networking Tips

    03 Sep 2013 -Help & Advice

    Create valuable relationships that will benefit your later career.

  • Meet Sameer, a graduate from Milkround

    29 Aug 2013 -Help & Advice

    Meet Sameer, from Milkround. Here he shares with us how he went from being a relaxed student to working full time.

  • Fresher Fears

    23 Aug 2013 -Help & Advice

    Starting university is so much fun, but it can also be very daunting!

  • Meet BT Intern, Jason Julien!

    14 Aug 2013 -Help & Advice

    Jason Julien tells us how he became a BT Intern and shares his top job hunting tips.

  • Don’t suffer from contract confusion

    06 Aug 2013 -Help & Advice

    It is important that you are aware of what contract you are on and what hours you should be working.

  • Interview: Steph, Social Media at InLoveWithFashion

    25 Jul 2013 -Help & Advice

    Meet Steph, she is responsible for InLoveWithFashion’s social media.

  • Writing your personal statement

    26 Jun 2013 -Help & Advice

    We've got some handy hints to help you stand out from other applicants and gain all give offers!

  • Nikki L's Top Ten Tips for Entrepreneurial Success!

    04 Jun 2013 -Help & Advice

    This guest blog is definitely a 'must-read' for anyone looking to get ahead!

  • Social Media Do's and Don't's!

    27 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    The Social Media Do's and Don't's when looking for a job online!

  • 6 Easy Steps to find a Summer Job

    20 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    6 easy steps to help you find a job for the summer

  • How to convey confidence

    19 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    How you can portray confidence in any situation!

  • What You Wish you'd Known Before your Job Interview

    11 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    Here is the first of our weekly picture blog that will showcase the best tips and advice.

  • image

    Things successful people do on the weekends

    08 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    Work hard during the week? Here's a run down of what successful people do on the weekend (or should be doing!)

  • image

    15 things a leader does automatically, everyday.

    06 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    Are you a leader? Read the top 15 things a natural leader does everyday.

  • Top Ten Tips for Revision

    05 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    Stressed? Hate exams? Not good at revision? Here's our top ten tips to get you going!

  • What is it like to be President of a Students’ Union?

    05 Mar 2013 -Help & Advice

    Scary, daunting yet the best time of your life!

  • image

    How can a TEFL Qualification help you?

    26 Feb 2013 -Help & Advice

    Find out how winning a TEFL Qualification can help you on your travels and our experiences with the course.

  • How to create a marketing campaign plan

    19 Feb 2013 -Help & Advice

    The fundamentals of building a successful marketing campaign plan.

  • Using Twitter to Find a Job

    04 Feb 2013 -Help & Advice

    Hannah has just bagged a job at XXY Magazine as a Photography journalist using Twitter. Want to know how?

  • Top 10 CV Tips

    23 Jan 2013 -Help & Advice

    Ever wondered what the secrets are to writing a job-winning CV? Wonder no more! MyKindaCrowd are here to help!

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