The MKF Offer
MyKindaFuture is a place where you can connect your students with major companies and kickstart their career.

Research shows if a young person has 4 or more interactions with the world of work they are 5 times less likely to become NEET. Evidence also shows that young people need to be exposed to businesses across a variety of industries to allow them to make informed decisions about their future.

We share the impact of our services so you can report back internally to senior management, parents, regulators and students themselves. In the eyes of these groups, schools and universities are judged as much on what happens after students leave education as what happens whilst they're there.

What we offer educators:

FREE Events
Societies & Networks

What we offer: MyKindaFuture offers students face-to- face contact with employers through exciting and engaging, entirely free events. These include in-school workshops and employer-hosted insight days at sites across the country.

What we ask from you: Simply to sign up to our website in order to hear more about events that are relevant to you and your students, receive personalised emails. Our opportunities are also all available on our website, where you can book online!

What we offer: Our website also contains a range of resources that are free for you to use. These resources aim to help you get students thinking about where different subjects can lead them and prepare them for the future.

What we ask from you: In order to download these free resources, all you need to do is sign up to our website!

Our Bright Futures societies allow university and school students and school teachers to build long-lasting relationships with employers.

In addition, we have opportunities for teachers and academics who are passionate about the development of careers to join our ambassador networks and Advisory Board. We want to hear your views and provide us with information to help you help your students!

We would also like to encourage you to get involved in our Educator’s twitter feed! @MKF_educators

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