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Our approach is to treat every client partner as unique. We create bespoke solutions drawing on proven successful engagement and recruitment services that are tailored to match your culture and achieve your ambitions.

Online challenges

Setting challenges for young people to complete on line is an innovative way for you to engage with young people in broad geographies and at different stages in their education journey. Our creative team are on hand to dream up ideas for these challenges that will grab the hearts and minds of participants. Results show that respondents are more engaged and receptive to your organisation and build meaningful connections with your brand.

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Workshops create a bespoke, experiential learning environment where you can meet young people in person for quality conversations about topics relevant to you and them. Workshops are effective with all young people, from school to university, and consist of skills and insight sessions which develop their workplace capabilities. Within these sessions you can bring careers to life, dispel myths, spot talent and give young people the chance to get under the skin of your organisation.

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Digital Content

We can create compelling, punchy video content as a powerful way to distil complex messages so that they resonate with your target audience. We also create bespoke microsites that are informative, engaging and easy to use. Our market knowledge of young people’s behaviour online and our technical know-how enable us to build customised online games to enhance your recruitment and attraction campaigns.

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Bright Futures Societies

Run by students for students, the societies help to provide you with real insight into what students want to see from employers on campus. They help to save time and resources associated with developing a broader and more diverse pipeline of emerging talent. The year-long membership allows you as an employer to access our network of undergraduates, to create a better understanding of the breadth of opportunities you have and to promote your organisation as an exciting place for young people to start their career.

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Campus ambassadors

Campus ambassadors are the eyes and ears on campus to identify opportunities for promoting your brand; they act as a ‘mouth-piece’, speaking on behalf of the organisation. They are an incredibly cost-effective resource to support your attraction/engagement and recruitment. Campus ambassadors promote your brand at your target universities and provide an invaluable way to increase brand awareness amongst undergraduates and key influencers on campus.

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Finale days

Finale days bring together the best and most engaged talent from your digital challenge and/or your face-to-face workshops, to recognise and reward students’ achievements. It is a day of skills and insight sessions that allow students to see first-hand what life is like at your company before they apply for your opportunity; it also gives you the chance to see potential new hires in action before making offers. This leads to higher quality applications, improves brand loyalty and increases conversion rates throughout the process.

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Social impact reporting

We know it's important to understand the impact you make. Our impact reports tell the story of your campaign and the value it brings to all participants through case studies, statistics and first-hand experiences. The report will analyse, evidence and benchmark the figures and raw data gained throughout your campaign to demonstrate how your programmes are significantly impacting the lives of young people across the UK. It will be a valuable document to be used internally and externally.

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For over 20 years we have been providing specialist emerging talent recruitment solutions that deliver high-quality graduate, school leaver and apprentice hires, in half the time against industry norms. We go beyond delivering new hires to ensure new talent hits the ground running on day one. Our breadth of experience and passion to find the right values and culture match, as well as our network of students, careers services and academics, play key roles in the results we deliver. Importantly, we generate a positive candidate experience.

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Your incoming talent need to be ready to start their careers with you, but it can be expensive and resource intense to training them via face to face events when they’re spread across the country. Similarly, reneges are a hidden cost that’s rising each year for companies. connectr is a learning and communications tool that upskills your emerging talent ready for day 1, helps to reduce dropouts, and provides crucial data and information for you. Each connectr is bespoke to your company and culture and can be deployed in under 2 weeks.

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Digital Mentoring

Digital mentoring enables young people curious about careers in your sector or company to connect with you via your staff mentors. We train and equip all mentors, who are recently-hired placement students, interns, apprentices or graduates from your organisation. This level of engagement guarantees applicants who are better matched to your culture.

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Digital Chat

Our digital chat platform enables you to engage cost-effectively with large numbers of young people (or their parents) in a moderated and branded environment throughout the recruitment process, ensuring high brand engagement and low dropout rates. Support for candidates in this way differentiates you from competitors, as well as retaining top talent through the process.

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We can provide a branded online platform for structured and quality engagement to elevate your ‘keep-warm’ strategy (between job offer and day one); it is a cost-effective way to engage with large numbers of candidates. This contemporary digital solution satisfies the online behaviours and expectations of today’s graduates and apprentices.

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