The Future of Fashion Runway Challenge
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This is an amazing opportunity to get creative and submit your own runway show ideas for the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Challenge details

We're all familiar with high profile fashion events such as the London Fashion Week and the impact the amazing runway shows have on seasonal trends. Is it time runway shows became more accessible? How could issues such as inclusion and sustainability be addressed through fashion shows? Could a new runway show concept have a positive impact on the fashion industry?

The challenge is to share your vision for a runway show that addresses important issues and celebrates the future of fashion.

When designing your Runway Show, please tell us:

  • Where it will take place (it can be anywhere in the world)?
  • How you plan to advertise your event (social media platforms, influencers, advertising in public places)?
  • Who you'll invite to attend and how tickets will be distributed?
  • How the show will open and close?
  • What music you will use?
  • What models will be recruited?
  • Your set-design concept?
  • How your show will have a positive impact on social environmental issues?
  • What is your show called?

How To Enter

You can send us your submission in whatever format you like (for example, as a word document, a PowerPoint presentation or even a short video) and feel free to include as many drawings and pictures as you like.

Be bold, think about the future of fashion and how your vision could make a difference.

Good luck!


The Prizes

The chance to win a trip to Burberry's HQ in London or Leeds- to tour their offices, meet their staff and learn about careers in the fashion industry. All winners will also receive a Burberry prize!