Press release: HR Professionals urged to adopt more socially responsible recruitment strategies

Press release: HR Professionals urged to adopt more socially responsible recruitment strategies

Friday, 9th of September

 Press release: HR Professionals urged to adopt more socially responsible recruitment strategies

A new guide from leading social business, MyKindaFuture, advocates for UK employers to take a stronger and more strategic approach to creating diverse workforces.

The guide outlines how diversity is key to employee retention and growth, and provides practical advice and models for HR professionals, in building programmes to support the responsible recruitment of key demographic groups into business.

Yogesh Chauhan, Tata Consultancy Services, Director of Corporate Sustainability commented: 'As a socially responsible business, Tata Consultancy Services, understands that an inclusive strategy to engage young people and recruit new employees is fundamental in creating a diverse workforce, finding the best talent and securing a commercial advantage in a highly competitive industry. Our work with MyKindaFuture is already helping the business to see the benefits of embracing this strategic, long-term approach.'

 Evidence from various sources showsAnchor additional key commercial benefits* including;

  • Boards with a majority of women surpass all-male boards in their attention to audit, risk oversight and control
  • Companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams delivered 35% higher return on equity and 34% higher total return to shareholders than companies with the lowest representation
  • Racial diversity within business is associated with increased market share
  • 80% of respondents with a diversity strategy cited significance improvement in business operations

The guide examines the whole recruitment life cycle; from attraction and outreach, to interview, assessment and selection, through to pre-boarding and induction, providing practical tips and techniques at each stage.

Proposed methods to widen the recruitment funnel include; developing clearer messages and adopting an objective job analysis when creating recruitment materials, a more considered use of demographic data, diversity training for candidate assessors, embracing key steps to eliminate unconscious bias and a comprehensive pre-boarding and induction programme.

William Akerman, Managing Director, MyKindaFuture said: “In an increasingly competitive global marketplace businesses cannot afford to miss opportunities that will help them to succeed. The evidence is clear, a mix of backgrounds, values, experiences, and influences can bring contrasting perspectives to idea generation and problem solving which drives competitive advantage.

Our guide is designed to assist HR leaders in evaluating their current social recruitment strategies in line with best practice models at each stage of the recruitment process. All potential employees regardless of their background should have the chance to demonstrate his or her potential and access routes into a wide range of employers, to ensure the widest possible skillsets are tapped into by organisations.”

Stephen Isherwood, CEO, AGR commented: “A socially inclusive approach to the recruitment and development of school-leavers and graduates is now essential if an organisation is to recruit the best talent it can.”

MyKindaFuture offers a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to connect with and recruit students across secondary, further and higher education in the UK. They specialise in helping students develop employability skills, whilst supporting employers with their specific recruitment needs across the board – from work experience and apprenticeships through to graduate programmes.

MyKindaFuture works with many leading employers to build sustainable talent pipelines for the future including over 70 businesses across a wide range of sectors including finance, construction, retail, food and drink and also Government departments such as the Cabinet Office and the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS).

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