Press release: MyKindaFuture announces new name

Press release: MyKindaFuture announces new name

Friday, 9th of September

Press release: MyKindaFuture announces new name

Following the merger of MyKindaCrowd and Bright Futures in early 2015, the new name and brand ‘MyKindaFuture’ will reflect their strengthened offer and heritage.

MyKindaFuture now offers a one-stop-shop for SMEs and leading UK businesses looking to connect with and recruit students across secondary, further and higher education in the UK.

They specialise in helping young people develop employability skills, whilst supporting employers with their specific recruitment needs across the board – from work experience and apprenticeships through to graduate programmes.

MyKindaCrowd was set up and run by William Akerman, a successful entrepreneur who founded the company in 2012. William launched the social enterprise when the government withdrew from providing comprehensive career guidance to young people, which also coincided with an increased industry focus on addressing their skills gaps.

He had a strong understanding of the industry skills issues and had a strategic concept for a holistic model, to help facilitate connections between young people and business.

MyKindaFuture works with many leading employers to build sustainable talent pipelines for the future. They do this through meaningful face-to-face engagement and distinct online challenges, which inspire students and help them understand different career routes, sectors and disciplines working across 4,500 schools and within societies in over 50 university campuses.

The organisation partners with over 70 leading businesses across a wide range of sectors including finance, construction, retail, food and drink and also government departments such as the Cabinet Office and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

William Akerman, Managing Director, MyKindaFuture said;

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of MyKindaFuture and we believe our consolidated approach will deliver even more positive results for our clients, supporters and partners.

We have over 40 years experience of working with young people across the country and we know they want to connect with employers and understand more about the career opportunities on offer.

We also understand that businesses want to ensure they are inspiring and recruiting the next generation of talent. We are confident that MyKindaFuture can be the bridge between these two ambitions and ensure that the skills needs of the UK continue to be replenished to meet future growth.”

Dame Fiona Kendrick, Chairman and CEO, Nestle UK, said:

"We are delighted to support this rebrand through our existing partnership with MyKindaFuture, which aims to highlight the exciting career opportunities the food and drink industry can offer young people."

The need for business and education to work together is highlighted in MyKindaFuture’s recent research, supported by their student network, which highlighted that 85% of students do not feel confident they can secure a job without work experience, and 70% want a clear process to help them find work experience.

This is underlined by 100% of teachers believing there needs to be a formalised work experience process in place, 75% think there is not enough support in their institution to help their students’ find work experience.

There is a clear disconnect between education and business, as 75% of employers said there is no demand on their business to run work experience programmes and 60% said they do not think work experience students can help their business.

The call forgovernment support came from both teachers and employers. MyKindaFuture look forward to hearing more from the Careers and Enterprise Company on how they will help facilitate a connected framework between education and business.


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