‘Get into Work’ Mentoring Initiative

Launched in March 2021 in partnership with the Department for Work & Pensions (DWP), MyKindaFuture are delivering a UK-wide mission that is supporting unemployed people of all backgrounds, including young people and future entrepreneurs, to succeed in their future careers.

Through Connectr, jobseekers and potential business owners are given access to employer mentors and learning content to secure a role and thrive in it.

Companies already making a real difference to the young people who need it most

Why is this initiative so crucial?

Since March 2020:

1 in 3 18-24 year olds have either lost their job or been placed on furlough

Over 4 in 10 people in the UK’s most deprived communities have a start-up idea, but lack the support they need

Young people are now 125% more likely to become unemployed than other age groups


If you think your organisation can help, get involved!


How does it work?

Mentors from employer organisations support young jobseekers and future entrepreneurs to take their next career steps, alongside employability upskilling content, through providing the advice, tools and skills they need.

All mentors are provided with training from MyKindaFuture’s talent experts and can commit to the role for as little as 1 hour per week.