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Develop your attraction strategies and connect with the next generation of leaders. Through our combination of technology, offline and online work experience programmes, insight days, and networking events, you can get closer to the talent of tomorrow.

Work Experience

With diversity and inclusion at their heart, our work experience programmes are designed with a difference. In other words, we bring new thinking into your organisation and help you to showcase your business to young people from all backgrounds. As a result, you’ll be able to build your talent pipeline and create a new wave of brand ambassadors by partnering with us.

What’s being said…

"I found the skills I learnt at Deloitte, as well as through Connectr, invaluable – whether it was listening, networking or creative thinking."

Martyn Stevens, Deloitte ASPIRE work experience attendee

University Attraction

Our student community numbers over 12,000 and our Bright Futures Societies are now in place at more than 20 universities. Moreover, you can access this thriving university network through campus ambassadors, insight days, and more.