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From Education to Employment

Whether through workshops or on-campus ambassadors, our school and university programmes enable careers conversations that make a difference.

A whopping 900+ young people have been helped into jobs or work experience through face to face engagement at our events.


School and Uni Workshops

Our workshops deliver a bespoke learning environment where you can meet talented individuals from multiple schools or universities. We bring careers, roles and organisations to life in a real and accessible way. As a result, you’ll be able to engage young people at the opportune time.

"It helped me realise that law and other opportunities will not be closed for me, as long as I apply myself. Meeting new people and gaining knowledge of other people’s career paths was amazing. "

Hannah Cooper, Allen & Overy Smart Start workshop attendee

Campus Brand Ambassadors

Your eyes and ears on campus, ambassadors connect you to the student body and identify opportunities to engage with students. Most importantly, they’ll build relationships with student unions, careers services and academic staff, and also act as talent spotters. Thus making them a cost-effective way to boost your existing talent acquisition.